Amazing Florals To Spruce Up Your Fairy Garden

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Join us for another amazing walk-through Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re exploring amazing plants and flowers that you can add to your garden to help bring its incredible magic alive. Enjoy an amazing video about the journey we’re about to embark on.

You can also enjoy this magical video.

1. Birostiana Miniature Dollhouse Accessories 16 Pieces Miniatures Plants Flowers Bonsai Greenery Ornament

These miniature plants are fake but appear real unless you touch them. There’s a beautiful assortment that will look nice regardless of the weather. You also won’t need to remember to water them. We love the greenery that this assortment of little plants gives us. With sixteen different plants in this kit, you could change out your plants at different times or create more than one enchanted fairy garden.

2. 14 Pieces Dollhouse Plant Miniature Bonsai Plant Mini Potted Plant Flower Model Tiny Fake Greenery Ornament

We chose this set of fourteen miniature fake plants because we wanted to give you an option with colored blooms. In the last set, there was more greenery. This one has more plants that look like they’re flowering. The great thing is the blooms will never drop from these little plants. They can bring a lot to joy to you as the fairy garden builder and to your fairy friends who live there.

3. PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairy Figurine - an Adorable Fairy for Garden - Fairy Garden Accessories for a Miniature Fairy Garden - Garden Fairy Figurine - Sitting Fairy Isabella 1 Item

Isabella the Garden Fairy comes with her own bench that will allow her to sit in your garden and enjoy the beauty and magic of her surroundings. She also has two plant pots filled with colorful blossoms that she wants to offer you as a welcoming gift.

4. Succulents and Cactus Fairy Garden Accessories, Miniature Ornaments with Words (14 pcs)

Don’t let these prickly cactuses deceive you. These cactuses and succulents are quite happy to be part of your majestic fairy garden. They have beautifully decorated flowerpots with smiling faces, hearts, or words on them. This set of fourteen different plants will give you several options.

5. Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Dancing Swing Accessories Kit of 5 pcs - Miniature Garden Figurines Set - Outdoor or House Décor

This magical fairy scene includes new fairy friends and flowers for your garden. One fairy is sitting under a swing that has lily of the valley flowers on it. The guitar playing fairy is surrounded by lovely fragrant flowers. The dancing fairy also has flowers around her feet.

6. Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Miniature Accessories and Figurines Kit - Deer Set of 7 pcs - for Outdoor or House Décor

This enchanted scene features a deer with a butterfly on its nose, two birds and a fairy that has flowers growing in the grass around her feet. There are also some beautiful floral stepping stones that would look incredible in your fairy garden. We love the bright colors.

7. Abaodam Doll House Wooden Potted Flower Table Decor Tiny House Models Mini Clay Pot Fairy Gardens Realistic Miniature Wooden Flowerpot Dollhouse Flower Beds Plants Dollhouse Accessory Tub

Beautiful flowers in shades of pink and yellow can be found in this miniature flowerpot that would look amazing in your fairy garden. We love the rectangular wooden planter. It would give a cheerful look to your space.

8. Miniature Flowers,Mini Miniature Potted Plants Model Fairy Garden Plants for Dollhouse, Micro Landscape

This planter has a lovely shape to it. We also love the flowers that were chosen for it. The purple shades, yellow centers in some, and greenery gives it a majestic feel.
Fairies love pets and next week we’ll be introducing you to eight incredible ones that you might want to invite into your fairy garden.
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