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Wonderful Pets To Live In Your Fairy Garden

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It’s time for another incredible Fairy Land adventure through Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Join us as we discover eight wonderful pets that cannot wait to be invited to live in your fairy garden.

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1. BESIKIKCO Set of 4 Squirrel Garden Accessories

These miniature plants are fake but appear real unless you touch them. There’s a beautiful assortment that will look nice regardless of the weather. You also won’t need to remember to water them. We love the greenery that this assortment of little plants gives us. With sixteen different plants in this kit, you could change out your plants at different times or create more than one enchanted fairy garden.

2. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Miniature Pond Kit - Figurines & Accessories Set of 5 pcs - Outdoor or House Décor

These fairies are busy looking after their favorite activities outdoors in the company of their two adorable pet dogs. One fairy is painting, another is reading, one is enjoying the water while the fourth gathers flowers.

3. HOINCO 9 PCS Cute Miniature Cats Landscape

These nine miniature cats would love to have a chance to make their home in your fairy garden. And if nine cats are too many for your garden, you could offer some to friends who also love fairy gardening. There are a few different sets of cats in different colors that you can select.

4. Top Collection 4414 Miniature Fairy Garden & Terrarium Mini Dragon Playing with Ladybug Statue, Small

This dragon would make a wonderful pet to your fairies. They are very popular in Fairy Land. It even has its own pet ladybug. This particular dragon has a quiet disposition and enjoys being out in the sunshine and garden with their fairy family.

5. Arcadia Garden Products FG31 Tea Party Fairy Garden Kit-11 Piece

This eleven piece fairy garden set is perfect if you want to have a set that will give you the majority of your fairy gardening needs. This kit comes with an adorable grey and red fairy cottage, a fairy sipping a cup of tea, furniture, fairies welcome sign, a fence and pet hedgehogs.

6. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Rabbit Playing with Bird Statue

This adorable little brown rabbit comes with a pet bird. They are best friends and will make a wonderful accompaniment to your fairy garden. They would love to spend time bringing magic into your lives.

7. Gemmia Miniature Fairy Garden Pig Figurine- My Brother Pig Statue

These little pigs are not the most common of all fairy garden pets, but they are certainly cute. This is Gemmia and her brother enjoying some time in the sun while sitting in a basket.

8. Top Collection 4202 Sleeping Fairy Baby with Owl in Nest Figurines, White, Brown, Cream, Green

Owls make incredible fairy garden pets. They are wise and caring. This little owl is babysitting a baby fairy in its nest.
We hope you’ll join us again next week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden for another incredible adventure. This time, we’re going to explore a variety of fairy doors that you might want to include in your fairy garden.
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