Fantastic Fairy Doors For Your Fairy Garden

hedgehog and fairy outside fairy door

This week our enchanted adventure in Teelie’s Fairy Garden will have us on the search for some fantastic fairy garden doors. Are you ready to help us choose which ones are the cutest?

You can also enjoy this magical video.

1. Opening Fairy Door and Window for Trees with Light – Glow in The Dark Yard Art Sculpture

This enchanted fairy door has a glow in the dark window. It is beautifully adorned and has a welcoming message on the door. There is also a birdhouse to ensure that there are always friends around the fairy garden.

2. GlitZGlam Fairy Garden Miniature Tree Harry The Hedgehog’s Apple Tree (9.25 Inch Tall) for The Garden Fairies and Lawn Gnomes Part of The Beautiful Azarian Collection

The fairy door that is the opening to an amazing fairy garden is in this beautiful tree that has a face on it. There are apples growing on the tree and currently the hedgehog is opening the door to welcome in fairy and animal friends.

3. GlitZGlam Fairy Garden Enchanted Joshua’s Miniature Tree (10.5 Inch Tall) for The Garden Fairies and Lawn Gnomes. A Fairy Garden Accessory

This amazing fairy tree has at least four brightly colored fairy doors in it. The tree spends its days reading and visiting with the fairies and animals that come in and out of the doors. Currently an owl is sitting on a branch and enjoying the story that the tree is reading.

4. GlitZGlam Miniature Butterfly Fairy Door for The Enchanted Garden Fairies and Gnomes. A Fairy and Lawn Gnome Garden Accessory

This magical fairy door is small but enticing. It has bright colors and butterflies on it. Any fairy seeing this door who is looking for a great fairy garden to live in will know that this is a wonderful fairy garden to choose.

5. Creativity for Kids Butterfly Fairy Door Kit - Painting Arts and Crafts for Kids, Creative Gifts for Girls and Boys Age 6-7+ Yellow

This incredible kit includes a fairy door that children can paint with the colors of their choice. There is a butterfly on the door too. This kit provides plenty of opportunities for children to get creative and make a unique fairy door for their fairy garden.

6. GORGECRAFT Fairy Garden Door Accessories for Trees Miniature Fairy Doors Wall 3D Wooden Door Ornaments Art Sculpture Decoration DIY Fairies Door Indoor/Outdoor Mystical Door for Tree Trunk

A round fairy door is a unique chance from the traditional door shapes. This one has a wooden and stone look to it that would make it blend in well amongst the plants in the garden. Sometimes fairies like to hide their fairy doors so that people who don’t believe in the wee folk don’t become too nosy about the little entrance ways.

7. JIUMO Fairy Doors Outdoor Miniature Fairy Garden Doors for Trees Fairies Door Wall Hanging Garden Ornaments Decor Gifts Tree Decor Ornaments Fairy Gnome Home

This fairy door is painted grey and resembles barnboards. It is embellished with plant pots with pink flowers in them and lovely stone tiles in multiple colors.

8. Touch of ture 55804 Fairy Door Fairy Garden Door, 3.5"

This lovely teal fairy door has a celtic symbol on it. In Ireland, there are many fairies known as wee folk and they live in the Sacred Trees.
We have another incredible adventure planned for you for next week. We’re going on an enchanted trip to the zoo. Would you like to come along?
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