An Incredibly Enchanted Fairy Land Trip to the Zoo


Are you ready for a magical adventure in Teelie’s Fairy Garden? Today, we’re flying off to the zoo and are going to tell you about eight of our favorite animals that we see on our journey.



Rolin Roly 4PCS Miniature Panda Figurines

Pandas are an extremely cute animal. This little family of four pandas was one that our fairy friends got to see on today’s adventure to the zoo. You might consider a zoo-themed fairy garden. It would be an incredibly adorable choice. Learn more here.


8 Pcs Kangaroo Figurine Miniature Kangaroos

These kangaroos were also spotted on our magical trip to the Fairy Land Zoo. If you look closely, you’ll see that some of them have their babies “joeys” sticking out of their pouches. They would love a chance to live in your enchanted fairy garden. Learn more here.


6pcs Micro Landscape Koala Doll Koala Mini Figure Fairy Garden Animal Micro Landscape Decoration Small Koala Bear Statues Crafts Micro Landscape Koala Ornament Top Hat Resin Cute

These miniature koala bears are incredibly adorable. Look at all the different things they’re doing like eating eucalyptus and climbing trees. They are definitely an incredible site to see at the zoo. Learn more here.


12 Pcs Miniature Otters Figurines Small Otter Toys for Decorative Garden Moss Landscapes,Fairy Gardens, Dollhouses,Birthday Cake Toppers,Cute Animal Shaped Statues & Cartoon Crafts

These stunningly cute otters are having a great time entertaining visitors who come to the zoo. They love to splash around in the water and then sun themselves or enjoy a snack from their fairy handlers. Learn more here.


6 Pcs Simulation Wolf Model Forest Animal Figurines Wolf Sculpture Zoo Animal Figures Wild Animal Toys Mini Animals Miniature Decoration Desktop Accessories Child

At the zoo, wolves are another strong, stunning animal that you can see. These wolves are in various shades of grey and when you hear them howl, it can be chilling and exciting at the same time. Learn more here.

2pcs Animal Model Cake Toppers Zebra Sculpture Realistic Zoo Animal

This mother zebra and her baby were enjoying the sunshine outside their little barn when the fairies visited them at the zoo. They would love to live in your magical garden where they would get lots of attention and treats. Learn more here.


VICASKY 8pcs Solid Fox Model Small Zoo Animals Playset Micro Landscape

These cute foxes are different colors because they are different species of foxes. All of them could be seen at the zoo that the fairies visited this week. Which fox would you like to meet? Learn more here.

25 Pcs Mini Elephant Resin Miniature Elephant Miniature Figurines Fairy Garden Accessories for Moss Landscape DIY Terrarium Home Decor, Elephant

This herd of elephants is amazing. They love having fairy visitors at the zoo especially if they have a treat for them. Sometimes one of the fairies even gets to ride an elephant or help bathe it. Learn more here.

Are you ready to join us for another magical adventure? Next week, we’re going to go for a walk in the forest.


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