Welcome to the Magical World of Teelie's Fairy Garden

Enchanted Magical Fairy Walk in the Forest

This week get ready to flap your wings in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re headed for a walk in the forest, although chances are most of the fairies will be flying through the amazing, wooded area.



C&F Garden Decor Outdoor Polyresin Squirrel On Pinecone Statue G119 6″H

While on a walk in the forest, there is a good chance that you’ll have the opportunity to observe some adorable squirrels. The one above is sitting on a pinecone and is nibbling on one too. Learn more here.


Deer Miniature Figurine, 12Pcs Forest Deer Animal Figurines

These little deer will likely greet the fairies when they visit the forest. While deer tend to be wary of humans, their interactions with the magical wee folk are enchanted. This entire deer family loves to wander through the forest especially as there is a meadow and stream nearby. Learn more here.

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Turtle and Hedgehog Outdoor Statue

When you visit the forest, you might come across some new friends like a turtle or hedgehog. These two are great pals and love to meet up on their favorite tree-lined paths. Learn more here.


Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Playful Red Fox with Bird

Birds and foxes are also common animals to encounter in the forest. In Fairy Land, animals that wouldn’t normally be considered friends can be. This fox and bird are enjoying a game of hide and seek at their favorite log. Learn more here.


Polyresin Welcome Sign Board Sculpture Ornament Two Cute Animal in Tree Hole Raccoon

You will likely spot a raccoon while you’re out on your walk with your fairy friends. These little raccoons have created themselves a welcoming home in the trunk of a tree. Learn more here.


Touch of Nature 55701 Fairy Garden Skunk, 2″

While frequently given a bad reputation because of their odor, skunks have a much easier time associating with other animals and fairies in Fairy Land. Fairy dust can remove the unpleasant odors that surround skunks when they spray. Learn more here.


Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Rabbits Bunnies Playing with Leaf

Rabbits are adorable and are often seen enjoying time in the forest. These two little bunnies found a crunchy leaf to play with and have turned it into a toy. Learn more here.


Fairy and Garden Gnome Tree – Enchanted Grandpa Miniature Tree with Removable Glow in The Dark Welcome Sign for Fairies and Lawn Gnomes

This charming tree is known as the Grandpa Tree. Grandpa loves to smile at the activities that happen in the forest. There is even a tire swing on his branches. The welcome sign even glows in the dark. The fairies love spending some time with Grandpa. Learn more here.

 Are you ready to join us for another magical adventure? Next week, we’re going to go to a secret place where unicorns live.



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