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An Enchanted Visit to See the Fairy Land Unicorns

This week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we’ll be traveling to a place that even most fairies have not been. It is so secretive that we cannot give you instructions on how to get there, but with some fairy dust, we can ensure your safe transport. Join us as we see some very special unicorns.



GlitZGlam Rainbow Unicorn Set: Mother Unicorn (Alana) and Daughter Unicorn (Penelope) Miniatures Unicorn Figurines for Your Fairy Garden

Spend some time with these adorable unicorns. Meet Alana and her daughter Penelope. They are unique white unicorns with rainbow manes and tails. With their colorful features, they have to use fairy dust to hide as they even stand out in the meadow. Learn more here.


SEWACC 2pcs Miniature Unicorn Statue Mini Unicorn Ornaments Tiny Unicorn Figurines Mini Unicorn Decor Fairy Garden Unicorn Cake Decorations Animal Resin Bonsai

These tiny unicorns would love to make your acquaintance. If you ask them really nicely, they might even agree to live in your fairy garden. They have some lovely pink and mauve accents on their wings, manes, and tails. Learn more here.


Schleich bayala Animal Figurine, Unicorn Toys for Girls and Boys 5-12 years old, Decorated Unicorn Mare

This adorable pink unicorn mare has had her mane and tail decorated with flowers and gemstones by a very special fairy princess who visits her from time to time. This unicorn is ready to enjoy the magic of Fairy Land. She knows you’re a true believer and that it is safe for her to show herself to you. Learn more here.


Schleich bayala 54-Piece Fairy Dollhouse & Stable with Unicorns Toy Set for Kids Ages 5-12

The unicorns that live in this enchanted dollhouse / stable are extremely special. They have lots of amazing accessories to give them a magical adventure every day. In all, there are 54 incredible pieces in this enchanting set. Learn more here.

Schleich bayala Unicorn Toys for Girls and Boys, Pegasus Unicorn Figurine with Purple Wings, Ages 5+

This magical Pegasus unicorn looks extra sleek with her shimmery features. There is also a moon, sun, and star on her flank. We wonder if her unique markings have anything to do with the work that her fairy does. Learn more here.


BETTINA Magical Light Unicorn Princess Dolls Set, Unicorn Toys for Girls, Horse Toys with Rainbow Mane and Tail, Princess Toys, Unicorn Gifts for Girls

This brightly colored unicorn comes with its own enchanted princess. The princess is wearing a gorgeous pink dress and a crown with a red jewel on it. The unicorn’s horn and saddle can also glow. Learn more here.


Mood Lab Fairy Garden – Unicorn Rainbow Set of 2 pcs – Miniature Figurines & Accessories Kit

This unicorn is never far from her fairy’s side. They enjoy magical adventures together. The fairy has an important job painting many different objects like this rainbow to help bring magic to Fairy Land. Learn more here.


Schleich bayala, Collectible Unicorn Toy Figure for Girls and Boys, Mint Chocolate Unicorn Figurine (Dessert Series), Ages 5+

This adorable unicorn is the Mint Chocolate one. That’s why she is green and brown. Some of her favorite treats include sweets that have mint or chocolate in them. Since she is a very special unicorn, the magic allows her to eat things that most animals cannot. Learn more here.

It’s time for another incredible adventure. Next week we’re going to be heading to a meadow where many rabbits are busy getting ready for Easter.


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