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10 Creative Garden Planters For Fairies

To maintain a thriving magical fairy garden, you need to have a perfect balance of flowering plants, garden decor, and fairy garden accessories. When designed harmoniously, these items can come together to create an enchanting fairy garden that your friends and family will thoroughly enjoy for years to come. One of the essential garden decors and accessories you need is a planter. These planters serve as homes for your flowering plants. They also serve as a playground for your fairy friends. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the most creative garden planters for fairies. In this list, you’ll discover some of the most uniquely crafted planters that you’ll definitely want in your garden. Check them out below.

10 Creative Garden Planters For Fairies

1. OUNONA Planter Fairy Garden Pot

This resin-made planter features a stairway leading up to an oriental-looking home at the top of the planter. It also has three pots to grow plants or flowers and ample space for succulents. Available at Amazon for $21.99.

2. LETOOR Tiny Creative Plants Container Decorated with Mini Hanging Fairy Garden

A quaint little home sits atop this planter that’s perfect for your little fairy garden. It has a multilayer design that has three separate chambers for a variety of plants. It’s lightweight and easy to use too. Get it at Amazon for $19.99.

3. NCYP Fairy Garden Miniature Stone Cottage

This fairy garden planter features a realistic bark exterior, with a long staircase leading up to a tiny home for your fairy friends. It’s made of resin and available at Amazon for $59.00.

4. LIVDAT Mini Fairy Garden and Sweet House

Home sweet home! This planter features a delicate house atop its three levels or chambers, in which you can plant your favorite succulents or flowering plants. Get it at Amazon for $20.59.

5. NCYP Fairy Resin Planter, Modern Garden Miniature Log Cottage

Sometimes, simple is more than enough. Just like this fantasy fairy cottage sitting inside this decorative planter with a rock-like exterior. Available at Amazon for $22.70.

10 Creative Garden Planters For Fairies


6. MyTinyPurpleGarden Stairway Planter for Miniature Fairy Garden

This adobe southwestern style planter has ample space for all your succulents! It features two sections for plants and a lot of nice detailing on the stairs and exteriors. Get it at Etsy for $44.99.

7. MyFairyGardensShop My Fairy Gardens Mini – Solar Fairy House Pot Planter

This fairy garden planter features a terra cotta pot design with a surprising front door, decorative windows, a cute little garden, and a staircase that leads to the rooftop. Available at Etsy for $43.99.

8. MudslingingPottery Fairy House Planter

Featuring a gorgeous realistic hand carved wood grain texture and absolutely stunning details, this fairy house planter boasts of hand sculpted leaves, rosettes, and mushrooms—a true treasure for fairy garden lovers. Get it at Etsy for $75.00.

9. BitsyNest “Potter’s Place”

Small and homey, “Potter’s Place” is a quaint home made of resin designed as stones. It also features a hinged door and four windows, as well as a small birdhouse and cardinal. Available at Etsy for $18.05.

10. BeachCottageGardens Miniature Fairy Garden Planter Wooden Box Garden Kit

This delightful item features a Green Gables Stone Cottage with a door that opens and closes for your fairy friends! It also has adorable shutters, window boxes, and a two-toned chimney—definitely a stylish home for your fairy friends. Look closer and discover the birdbath, birdhouse, and mailbox too. Get it at Etsy for $98.00.

Selecting your fairy garden planters need not be tedious, just bookmark this story and come back for more great tips and ideas for your magical fairy garden.


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