10 Most Enchanting Fairy Garden Houses

Magical fairy gardens are home to our little-winged friends, so it’s not surprising that you would want an enchanting fairy garden house for them too. But selecting one may be a long process, especially with a large number of fairy garden houses available in today’s marketplaces. Whether commercial or hand-crafted, these delicate pieces can adorn your fairy garden and be a conversation starter among family and friends, especially when you have guests over.

Choosing the Perfect Fairy Home

The key to selecting an enchanting fairy garden house is to first decide on a theme. If your fairy garden already has a theme, say, shabby chic or royal kingdoms, you can look for houses that have similar themes and characteristics. The next step would be to have a budget. Some fairy garden houses can come at affordable prices, but some more intricate, hand-crafted ones can come at higher prices. Make sure to check the material as well, to ensure that the fairy garden house will last for years to come and would not be weathered immediately.


A Curated List of Fairy Houses

To make the decision process easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 most enchanting fairy garden houses we could find. These pieces inspire magical dreams of fairies, gnomes, and trolls and would be perfect for any garden.


10 Most Enchanting Fairy Garden Houses

1. Cone top gnome and fairy house

This adorable cone top house features a door that opens and closes to welcome your favorite gnomes and fairies. It features a carefully crafted roof with a window and chimney and a gorgeous colored door that swings open and close. Available at Etsy for $28.73.

2. Periwinkle cottage

Named after the periwinkle flowers that spring forth from British countrysides, this elegantly crafted cottage is made of pebbles and features a sloping roof with hand cut Welsh slate. It’s lovingly handmade and has a price tag of $210.20 on Etsy.

3. Lauren’s Castle

This fascinating fairy garden house is not just a home, it’s a magical castle! It’s made of birch bark, scrapbook paper, fairy figurines, stones, and other natural found objects and will definitely catch one’s attention with its intricate details. Get it at Etsy for 40.00.

4. Woodlands Cottage

This mossy little cottage is perfectly homey for your winged friends. It features a hold at the base where you can insert a LED light to make it even more magical. It also features a door that swings open. Available at Etsy for 68.96.

5. Mushroom gnome and fairy house

This gorgeous mushroom shaped fairy garden house is just so attractive! It’s red door is a highlight against its stone exterior and wooden roof. A dainty chimney pokes out of the roof and windows adorn its pebble walls. Get it at Etsy for $28.73.

10 Most Enchanting Fairy Garden Houses

6. Fairy house with lights

Light up the evening with this elegant fairy house, complete with a pebbled exterior and wooden roof. It features a green door complete with a knocker and windows with ledges where potted plants can sit. Available at Etsy for $89.00.

7. Woodland themed fairy garden house

This enchanting fairy home is perfect for grassy gardens, as it blends in well with the moss and greenery. It has a cute little white door and cone shaped roof that is a delight to behold. Get it at Etsy for $30.00.

8. Fairy cottage with pathway

Yearning for a simple fairy garden house? This fairy cottage features a stone pathway leading up to a green-hued home with a hinged door that opens and closes. Available at Etsy for $6.95.

9. Bethuska Fairy House

This woodland cottage is elegantly handmade from recycled and natural found materials and is uniquely designed. This enchanting piece is available at Etsy for  $38.00.

10. Peony The Pink Unicorn and The Magical Rose Castle

This isn’t just a magical castle, but an entire scene from the Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory book. It includes Peony the Unicorn and the Magical Rose Castle, among other fantastic items. Available at Etsy for $34.39.


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