Color of Royalty: Purple Fairy Garden Plants

Over the weekend, the world watched with dropped jaws as Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle in a fairytale wedding at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. After the magical event that left most of us breathless with the bride’s beauty and grace and the groom’s utter handsomeness, we’re off to dream about our own fairytale wedding and do a makeover of our fairy gardens. In fact, we were so inspired by the Royal Wedding that we are now totally fixated on the color of royalty: purple. But why has this color been associated with power and wealth?

The Story Behind the Color Purple

For centuries, the color purple has long been linked to royalty and the most elite. Back when Queen Elizabeth reigned over the United Kingdom, she prohibited anyone outside the Royal Family from wearing garments that were colored purple. The reason behind this was pretty simple. Back then, it was very expensive to produce the dye that colored garments the color purple. In fact, this dye was specifically produced in what is now Lebanon. Back then, the dye was produced from a specific mollusk that lived near the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its limited availability and difficulty to produce, the dye was naturally expensive, and thus, only the extremely wealthy were able to afford such a luxury.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case today. Also, there are now more ways to indulge in the color purple, especially when it comes to gardening. There are dozens of flowering plants that produce purple-colored flowers and we’re sharing with you some that you might want to plant in your garden.

Purple Flowering Plants for Your Fairy Garden

1. Clematis

Did you know that the clematis has Chinese and Japanese origins? Different types of clematis blooms in dark purple, light purple, or white shades. For your garden, pick the Arabella variety that produces purple-mauve flowers. This vine can grow up to 30 feet tall when cared for properly. Get seeds at Amazon for $9.99.

2. Blue-Eyed Grass

Although there’s the word “grass” in its name, Blue Eyed-Grass is actually from the Iris family. It is a perennial plant that produces vibrant purple-hued flowers and grows up to a foot long. Blue-eyed grass seeds sell for $19.99 at Amazon.

3. Balloon Flower

Platycodon is better known as balloon flower, from the way it looks when it hasn’t bloomed just yet. When it does, though, it shows off a star-like appearance with a gorgeous blue-violet hue. This flower is native to East Asia but can be grown in your backyard during the spring and summer months. Available at Amazon for $6.49.

4. Catmint

This flower is not only dainty, but also an aromatic herb. It’s grayish-green leaves are highlighted by small lavender flowers that grow in tall clusters. This plant is fairly easy to grow as it is tolerant of heat and dry weather. Get it at Amazon for $4.35.

5. Allium

Did you know that these delightful flowers are actually from the onion family? It’s also called Ornamental Onion and often blooms during spring and summer. Interestingly, the flower is strong enough to hold its spherical shape throughout the season. Order seeds from Amazon for $6.95.

6. Monkshood

Scientifically named Aconitum or Aconite, Monkshood got its name from the way it is shaped: like a monk’s hood! Monkshood is also called Wolf’s Bane because of its poisonous effects. While they are gorgeous, make sure to not ingest any parts of this plant. It’s on Amazon for $3.98.

7. Anemone

Anemone plants are great for fairy gardens as different types bloom during spring or fall, so you can have them all year round. It’s recommended to plant them in areas with good drainage. Get your seeds at Amazon for $25.24.

8. Candytuft

Hailing from Europe, Candytuft plants grow up to 12 or 18 inches. This is an evergreen perennial that doesn’t need too much fussy care, as long as they are planted in well-draining areas. Seeds are available at Amazon for $4.95.

9. Dendrobium Orchid

The Dendrobium Orchid variety is native to Southeast Asia and comes in different shades, with purple and white being the most common. This flower can grow indoors or outdoors and can stand temparatures below 40 F or over 95 F. Get the plant at Amazon for $5.99.

10. Liatris

Perfect for the summer, Liatris grows during this season, showing off its tall, bottle-brush like blooms. This flower is native to North America and is related to the sunflower family, and can survive the winter. Get the plant from Amazon for $15.00.

The key to maintaining great fairy garden flowers is to know as much as you can about each plant. There are certain guidelines for growing different types of plants that require different types of soil or different amounts of water to grow optimally. Remember that a well-cared plant is a beautiful plant, so make sure to research and plan your plants accordingly.


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