Celebrating the Royal Wedding in the Fairy Kingdom

The much-awaited nuptials happening in England between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle isn’t the only Royal Wedding event happening today, as you can create your own magical wedding right in your fairy garden! The fairy kingdom is a world full of fun, harmony, and love, so it’s not surprising if these fairies have their own Royal Wedding too. But how to get started on a fairy garden royal wedding that is sure to turn heads and spark conversation just like the real life wedding happening in just a few hours? We’ve got the most fantastic ideas just for you.

A Royal Affair

In celebration of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we’re recreating our own wedding in the fairy kingdom with these truly magical pieces.

A Royal Affair

1. The King and Queen of the Fairy Kingdom

Meet King Henry and Queen Olivia who govern the Fairy Kingdom. You may be familiar with them from the Tommy Tinker story book. Tell magical stories to your little ones with this amazing set, available at Etsy for $519.59.

2. The Royal Living Sets

Enter the magical Fairy Kingdom and see the marvelous living areas of your fairy highnesses! These beautifully crafted pieces include a pair of crowns, a scepter, a sword for the brave king, three seats a pair of plants, and one tiny friend. Available as a set together with more awesome items on Etsy for $519.59.

3. The Royal Pet

While this frog does not turn into a fairy prince, Freddy the Frog actually brings a lot of joy to the kingdom as he sits on his tree bark. Part of the limited edition set on Etsy for $519.59.

4. Magical baubles and chests.

What treasures are hidden inside these chests? What secrets to these baubles hold? These are also part of the limited offer up at Etsy for $519.59, which includes the magical royal fairy scene inspired by the book “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory.”

For Your Fairy Majesty

For Your Fairy Majesty

5. Forest-themed Fairy Wedding Cake

A celebration isn’t complete without a cake, so here’s one you’ll love to add to your fairy garden royal wedding. It’s intricately designed with leaves and flowers, sitting atop a wooden bark and topped with a “love” twine topper. Available at Etsy for $70.00.

6. Fairy Church

What better place to say their “I do’s” than in a small fairy garden church? It features a solar panel on its roof and has a stone and wood finish. Available at Amazon for $59.95.

7. Fairy Garden Led Archway Gate

Here comes the bride! Let your fairy princess have a grand entrance with this fairy garden Led archway gate, complete with lights and succulents. Available at Etsy for $18.99.

Must-have Wedding Accessories

8. Miniature Paper Bouquet

Let your fairy princess walk down the aisle with this super cute miniature bouquet made of mulberry paper. Get it at Etsy for $7.50.

9. Miniature Carriage

Royalty deserves only the best, so make sure to have a carriage waiting for your fairy princess. Here’s a charming wood fairy carriage from Etsy for $28.00.

10. Miniature Champagne and Glasses

A toast to the newlyweds! Cap off the nuptials with this elegantly crafted champagne glasses and a bottle of Moet. The champagne bottle is at Etsy for $4.00, while the pair of glasses are made of real glass and go for $15.00.

Last but not the least, we have something that the royal family fans will love: miniature royal wedding magazines so your fairy friends can keep up with the latest gossip too! These mini mags are available at Etsy for $8.37.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry

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