Romantic Fairy Garden Wedding Ideas

The Royal Wedding is just a little over 24 hours away and a lot of people around the world are holding their breath to see the magnificent bride, Meghan Markle walks down the aisle in a wedding gown that’s sure to turn heads, as she weds Prince Harry. Controversy has been following the pair since their relationship was made public, but it only grew stronger, as they announced their engagement in November last year. Now, the pair is to be wed tomorrow, Saturday at the Windsor Castle in England. In celebration of this magical event, we’ve curated the most romantic fairy garden wedding ideas for your tiny friends. After all, they’re the masters of magic and romance. Check out these ideas that you and your fairy garden friends will love.

A Fairy's Perfect Wedding

A Fairy’s Perfect Wedding

1. Fairy Garden Wedding Chapel

What’s a wedding without a quaint chapel to say your fairy vows in? This romantic fairy garden wedding accessory can be the centerpiece of such a joyous event. It’s on Etsy for $62.00.

2. Fairy Wedding Dress

Say yes to this dress that will surely fit your fairies fairy princess. It’s made of silk, with ribbon and pearl seed beads. Available at Etsy for $42.90.

3. Fairy Bride and Groom

This magical pair are created for each other! The bride comes with two bunnies carrying her train, while the groom also comes with a “best bunny.” Available at Etsy beginning $6.95.

4. Fairy Wedding Cake

To celebrate the newlyweds, have a white miniature cake that is daintily accessorized with some pink roses. This handmade piece is available at Etsy for just $7.95.

5. Fancy Winged Couple

Add some magic into your fairy garden with this fantastical winged couple. Their breathtaking wings speak of fairy royalty and their presence in your garden will surely give off a regal vibe. This pair costs $28.00 on Etsy.

A Magical Day

A Magical Day

6. Just Married Sign

Ring the bells and be merry with this “Just Married” sign perfect for your royal fairy garden wedding. It’s only $7.50 on Etsy and add the best finishing touch to your garden.

7. Fancy Wedding Cake

Here’s a twist to your fairy wedding cake—a gorgeous pink and white, hand-piped, three-tier wedding cake topped with tiny berries! Such a delight to look at, for $60.00 on Etsy.

8. Romantic Fairy Couple

This is #RelationshipGoals at its best with a male and female fairy in a very loving, romantic scene. Get this on Etsy for $49.00.

9. Fairy Wedding Seat

Save a seat for the newly weds at the reception with this detailed teacup fairy garden. It features a seat for tiny beings and costs $39.00 on Etsy.

10. Miniature Wedding Bouquet

Adorn the bride with this gorgeous miniature wedding bouquet that is hand molded from unique materials. Available at Etsy for $43.00.

Recreate the royal wedding right at your backyard with these carefully crafted items that are sure to bring joy and delight among your friends and family, including the little ones.

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