Upcycling Old Items for Your Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a truly magical work of art. After all, a lot of accessories are often lovingly made by hand out of resin by artists and crafting enthusiasts. But you need not be an artist or a craft maker to create stunning fairy gardens. If you’re the type who enjoys reusing, repurposing, and recycling or upcycling old or worn out things at home, you’ll enjoy making these fairy garden accessories. Get ready to dive into your attic, storage, or even kitchen to find the most common household items and turn them into magical homes for your fairy friends. Here are some items that may be upcycled for your fairy garden.

1. An old boot

Before you throw out that old pair of Timberland boots (begins at $109.98 on Amazon), dust them off and upcycle them for your fairy garden! Fill them with soil and plant some easy to grow flowering herbs.

2. Mayonnaise jars or mason jars

If you don’t want to purchase new mason jars ($24.99 on Amazon) to grow herbs in your fairy garden, you can also upcycle mayonnaise jars. Just make sure to clean them out before putting in the soil and planting your herbs. You can also decorate them with some twine.

3. Metal cans as planters

Create a magical garden using different sized cans ($13.34 on Amazon), which you can paint in any color you’d like. These metal cans are perfect for growing different types of blooms, as well.

4. Broken tea cups

Don’t throw out the broken ceramics just yet! These chipped tea cups can be home to super cute succulents that will adorn your fairy garden, especially if they have cute designs like this one from Amazon, $23.95.

5. Popsicle sticks

Leftover popsicle sticks from your child’s art class can still be used to create miniature fairy homes. You can use colored popsicle sticks or paint over plain ones with colors of your choosing. Get inspired with this one from Etsy that sells for $12.99.

6. Old bottles

Old bottles can be upcycled to create fairy houses, just like this one from Etsy that costs $15. You can use resin and other materials. Explore your creative side and make your own fairy home!

7. Rusty kettles

Look no further than your kitchen, as your old kettle can serve as a fairy garden accessory as well. You can place it in the garden as a decor, or use it to plant herbs. Get inspired with this $34 find on Etsy.

8. Rustic pails

Rustic pails are a great addition to your fairy garden too. Instead of throwing out that pail you no longer use, fill it with soil and plant some flowering herbs or fill it with flowers and hang it up on a tree. Get inspired with this one from Etsy for just $22.00.

9. Vintage baskets

Don’t throw out those old vintage baskets just yet, as it can serve as a fairy garden accessory. You can fill it with soil and plant some blooms or even hang it on a tree. There’s one at Etsy for $18.95.

10. Toolbox

Old wooden toolboxes have the perfect rustic charm for a fairy garden. Upcycle them to plant herbs or blooms. You can make your own or get one for $65.00 at Etsy.

The key to upcycling is finding creative ways to reuse things around the house that you would normally overlook or immediately dispose of once it’s broken or damaged. But with a little imagination, some old items can go a long way and contribute to an eco-friendly fairy garden.


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