10 Fairy Garden Accessories Below $10

Maintaining a fairy garden is an activity that brings joy and wonder to both young and old. However, it’s also an investment, as fairy garden accessories are special products that are often handmade and designed with love and care, and thus comes with quite a price. But maintaining your fairy garden need not be expensive. In fact, there are cheap fairy garden accessories that do not skimp on the quality.

If you’re just beginning to create your fairy garden or want to add to your already flourishing garden, you can opt for these affordable fairy garden accessories that we’ve curated just for you.

1. The Little Hedgerow Fairy Garden Accessories Sign Secret Garden Miniature with Key

Let your little fairy friends know that you’re keeping them safe in the secret garden with this handmade sign that has a gorgeous, vintage look to it. Available at Etsy for only $6.50.

2. Bitsy Nest Micro Mini Fairy Garden Suspension Bridge

Your fairies will absolutely love this enchanting bridge that’s definitely made to last. While it’s made of resin, it looks like it had been made out of real wood. What’s best is that it has a solid 5-star review from other fairy garden lovers who bought this item. Currently $5.58 on Etsy.

3. Tinker Treasure Minis Miniature Metal Mailbox Garden Pick with Hinged Door & Moving Flag

You’ve got mail! Your fairy friends will enjoy sending and receiving mail with this rustic mailbox that features a moving flag and a door you can open and close! Such a magical accessory for just $1.99 on Etsy.

4. Dechant’s Railroad Express White Picket Fence for Miniatures, Doll House, Model Railroad, & Architecture Landscape Scenes

Who doesn’t love an elegant white picket fence? This adds a classic look to any fairy garden, as it is made of real wood and features a painted white finish. It’s only $7.98 on Amazon.

5. Wholesale Fairy Gardens Miniature Fairy Garden Lotus Watering Can

While you’re tending to your garden, your fairy friends are also hard at work to ensure that flowers bloom and plants stay healthy. That’s why they’ll appreciate this watering can that’s made of resin and features a cute lotus flower on the side. It’s only $4.75 on Amazon.


6. Touch of Nature Mini Fairy Garden Wooden Tub

Your hardworking fairy friends will enjoy this wooden tub that is reminiscent of country living. It features wooden slats bound together by rope in a super cute mini size that’s just right for your garden friends. It’s only $5.17 on Amazon.

7. My Tiny Purple Garden Miniature Wishing Well

This enchanting well is a total delight to play and look at. Place it in your fairy garden to maintain their water supply. It features a handle that turns and a bucket that goes straight into the well. Get this magical well on Etsy for $8.99.

8. Miniatur Expressions Handy Fairy Tools – Miniature Fairy Garden Supply

Fairies can do it themselves too! This quaint little toolbox features a hammer, saw, and other functional tools in a wooden carry in distressed wood finish. It’s only $3.99 on Etsy.

9. My Tiny Purple Garden Miniature Wire Garden Swing

A garden is never complete without a swing. This rustic metal swing is good is a two-seater that can accommodate not one, but two of your fairy friends. It’s enchanting as it is delightful. Get it at Etsy for $5.99.

10. Fairyland Craftique 2 Tier Birdbath for Fairy Garden or Dollhouse

Complete your fairy garden with this two-tier birdbath that is sure to amuse. Its classic detail is mesmerizing and will surely catch your guests’ eyes. Yours for just $4.50 on Etsy.

Decorating and maintaining your fairy garden is a breeze with these affordable fairy garden accessories. They’re light on the pocket and are of high quality, so you’re sure to get value for your hard-earned money.


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