10 Flowering Herbs Your Fairies Will Surely Love

Fairy gardens would never be complete without the gorgeous flowers that adorn your garden. In fact, your fairy friends will surely enjoy fluttering about flower to flower. But did you know that you can also grow flowering herbs in your garden?

Your fairy garden need not be limited to plants that bloom, but plants that can be used in the kitchen! After all, growing your own herbs and vegetables is always better than buying produce in the market. With growing your own produce, you’re sure about what you’re putting in your plate.

Here are some amazing flowering herbs that will not only add color to your fairy garden, but will also add flavor to your dishes.

1. Rosemary


Rosemary Herb Plant, $13 at Amazon

If you love to cook with rosemary, you’ll love growing them in your fairy garden! Rosemary leaves are dark green and needle-like, but its flowers come in a dainty purple and white  shades that are very relaxing to gaze upon.

2. Lavender


Provence French Lavender, $16 at Amazon

Speaking of relaxing, you’ll surely love the healing effects of lavender, which is known for its calming effects and comforting fragrance. Lavender is also multi-purpose, so its visual contribution to your fairy garden is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s also great for creating tea, soaps, lotions, home scents, and even as an addition to certain dishes.

3. Spearmint


Wrigley’s Spearmint Live Plant, $3 at Amazon

Not that we have an affinity for the lavender and purple flowers of the world, but spearmint is an equally delightful purple/lilac shades against its green leaves. Just make sure to plant them in pots, as these plants are invasive/

4. Chamomile


Roman Chamomile/German Chamomile Duo Non-GMO Seeds, $5 at Amazon

Also known for its calming effects, chamomile has calming effects that aids in having better quality sleep. There are two types of chamomile and you would probably prefer having the German chamomile, which grows tall, unlike its Roman counterpart that grows closer to the ground.

5. Chives


Chives – Hardy Perennial, $5 at Amazon

Like onions and garlic, chives grow by sprouting from bulbs. But there’s more to these sprouts, as they also produce pretty pink/purple blooms that look like cotton puffs. Your fairies will love taking cover under their one-foot-tall stems and you’ll enjoy adding them to dishes such as salads.

6. Dill


David’s Garden Seeds Herb Dill Bouquet, $7 at Amazon

Dill is one of the more dainty, modest flowering herbs with its tiny yellow flowers that grow in clusters. In the kitchen, you can use its seeds in soups and sauces and for making pickles. Its oil is also used for perfume purposes or to make soap.

7. Pineapple sage

Pineapple sage

Pineapple Sage – Herb – Great For Cooking – 2 Plants, $20 at Amazon

To add a gorgeous bright pink color to your fairy garden, plant some pineapple sage, which will also give off a fresh pineapple scent. It grows best towards the end of summer and during the fall season, so your fairy garden will be sure to keep alive and stunning.

8. Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Mint Marigold

David’s Garden Seeds Herb Mint Mexican Marigold Gold 200 Open Pollinated Seeds, $7 at Amazon

To add the colors of the sunset to your fairy garden, plant some Mexican mint marigold, which like pineapple sage, blooms best during the fall to winter seasons. It’s best to plant it during spring to achieve a full bloom by fall.

9. Yarrow


Outsidepride Yarrow Summer Berries – 1000 Seeds, $7 at Amazon

Your fairy friends will love the bright colors of the yarrow, which comes in vibrant pink, sunny yellow, or pristine white colors. Historically, its known to have been used as an astringent.

10. Thai Basil

Thai Basil

David’s Garden Seeds Herb Basil Asian Sweet Thai 200 Organic Seeds, $7 at Amazon

Native to Southeast Asia, Thai basil has a distinct anise or licorice-like flavor that’s perfect for curry. As for your fairy garden, Thai basil will contribute a gorgeous reddish-purple flower that grows in spikes during the late summer.

Keep in mind that each of these flowering herbs has different needs and care instructions. While they do make for a gorgeous fairy garden, make sure that you understand how to grow and care for each one to reap its full benefits.

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