Our Favorite Fairy Garden Accessory Sets for Spring

What better way to celebrate the coming of the new season than with these amazing new fairy garden accessory sets that are sure to bring to life a magical garden right at home? These delightful fairy garden accessories will make you want to relax and enjoy the spring breeze among your fairy friends.

1. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Miniature Figurines And Accessories Kit

These hand-painted fairy garden accessories are especially designed with a protective coating to ensure it stays vibrant under the spring sunshine. Get them for just $23.90 at Amazon.

2. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Fairy Miniature Furniture & Accessories

The 14-piece starter kit features a quaint fairy playing a flute with her furry friends, sitting in her cute floral living space. The best part? It’s only $23.90 on Amazon.

3. Joykick Fairy Garden Wishing Well Kit

This set of 5 dainty miniature hand-painted figurines are great for any garden or terrarium. Get them for just $22.90 on Amazon.

4. Complete Hand Painted Fairy Garden Set with Magical Story Booklet

Spend some time off with the kids and tell them magical stories with this six-piece fairy garden set that comes with a Bunny Love booklet, all for just $27.97 on Amazon.

5. Patio Eden Fairy Garden House Set

What’s a fairy garden without a home? This set features a flute-playing fairy, a floral seat, and her wood-and-stone home featuring a windmill! It’s only $25.95 on Amazon.

6. Joykick Fairy Garden Ancient Tree Kit

Imbibe the spirit of the magical forest with this ancient tree with intricate details, which can serve as an interesting centerpiece in a fairy garden. Add a sense of wonder with this intricately-designed piece, which goes for $32.90 on Amazon.

7. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Swing Set

Playfulness abound in this lovely accessories kit that can be used both in and outside the home. Just $25.90 on Amazon.

8. Pretmanns Miniature Gnomes For Fairy Garden

Add more fantasy to the garden with a beautifully-crafted gnome set for $23.90 on Amazon.

9. Gift Boutique Whimsical Miniature Fairy Doors

This set of four miniature fairy doors are a classic addition to any fairy garden set. It’s about 5 inches by 4 inches in size and comes in four unique designs. Only $14.95 on Amazon.

10. Top Collection Miniature Mushroom Fairy House

The mushroom fairy house is hand painted and sculpted. At only $17.80 on Amazon, it will make a great starter accessory for any fairy garden!

These fairy garden accessory sets are just few of the great miniature pieces you’ll find at Amazon.com. If you want more intricate and rare miniature accessories for your fairy garden, check out my Etsy store here.

Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.


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