4 Mini Castles That Will Bring Magic to Your Fairy Garden

Every fairy garden needs a bit of magic and fairy tale. And there’s one fairy garden accessory that can bring both at the same time: mini castles.

Castles are grand and majestic, towering over everything else in the kingdom (in this case, your fairy garden). The structure itself exudes strength and power. But more than the impenetrable look, castles also remind us of fairy tales and magic.

Bring fairyland alive with mini castles and magical fairy kingdom miniature accessories. Take a look at these miniature castles that look like they came straight off fairy tale books!

The Brave Bertelemy the Hawk Fairy Knight’s Castle

The Brave Bertelemy the Hawk Fairy Knight's Castle

Can you imagine how mighty and brave Bertelemy the Hawk Fairy Knight is? His castle sure gives off a sense of bravery! Strong castle walls with the best stones protect him from possible attacks from the outside. Windowed peaks allow him to see everything that’s happening around the castle. It lights up too! See more photos here.

The Fairy Knight Umfray the Champ’s Castle

The Fairy Knight Umfray the Champ's Castle

The royal fairy knight Umfray the Champ’s castle is a simple single fortress branching out two watchtowers at the top. It has several windows and a wooden castle door that keeps the daily life of King Henry and Queen Olivia’s top protector a secret. Take a look at it here.

Peony The Pink Unicorn and The Magical Rose Castle

Peony The Pink Unicorn and The Magical Rose Castle

Home to Ruby the Ribbon Fairy’s pink unicorn, this trio of castle towers is filled with life! Lush green foliage adorns the entire castle, with pink roses scattered all throughout. The pink conical roof kinda reminds us of Ruby the Ribbon Fairy’s dress! Check out the entire collection here.

The Sweet Pink Fairy Palace

The Sweet Pink Fairy Palace

This cute little palace is just so adorable, not just in size but also in make! Perched atop a moss-laden stone, the Sweet Pink Fairy Palace is mainly white with a pink conical roof and one of the tiniest fairy doors in purple. A heart-shaped window adds to the cuteness while a swirling green vine indicates life. Get all the details and pictures here.

If you’re in love with these mini castles as much as I do, see some more fairyland miniature accessories at my Etsy shop by clicking right here. I have lots of fairy kingdom scenes up for grabs. Enjoy!

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