Here’s Why These Miniature Gnomes Should be in Your Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are especially put together for fairies. But did you know that you should be welcoming miniature gnomes too? Here are 5 good reasons why:

1. Gnomes and fairies are friends.

Gnomes and fairies are friends.

Left: Juvale Set of 6 Mini Gnome Figures, $15 at Amazon

Right: Mini Gnomes Garden Fairy Set of 6, $22 at Amazon

You see, fairies and gnomes are pretty good friends. Both magical creatures live in their own realms – with fairies inhabiting the line separating the world of magic and the human world and the gnomes usually living secluded in the deep forest underground. But whenever a human or any other creature enters their territory, fairies are sure to alert gnomes of the new company. Add some miniature gnomes to lonely fairies in your fairy garden!

2. Gnomes protect.

Gnomes protect.

Left: Juvale 7 Piece Garden Gnomes, $20 at Amazon

Right: Mood Lab Miniature Gardening Gnomes Set of 4, $20 at Amazon

Throughout history, gnomes have been constantly referred to as protectors of the earth. They’ve been known to protect nature’s plants, trees, animals and even what’s underground! Gnomes love all things sparkly and glittery and are said to protect jewels and precious stones. Usually, they protect treasures by burying them in the ground.

3. Gnomes bring luck.

Gnomes bring luck.

Left: Safari Ltd. Designer TOOB – Gnome Family, $15 at Amazon

Right: Set of 4 Playful Garden Gnomes, $20 at Amazon

According to myth, having gnomes in your garden will bring you luck. Although it isn’t sure why and how, it could be because these stout figures are generally good and jolly in nature, attracting positive vibes that encourage good luck and fortune. To this day, farmers and homesteaders often hide gnomes in the barn or in the garden to protect livestock and crops.

4. Gnomes tend to your garden.

Gnomes tend to your garden.

Left: Marshall Home Miniature Statuary Welcome Gnome, $9 at Amazon

Right: Harley The Happy Miniature Leaf Hammock Gnome w/ His Best Blue Bird Buddy Jay, $13 at Amazon

There’s a belief that gnomes are hard at work tending to any garden they’re put in while the homeowners are fast asleep. According to legend, gnomes are creatures of the night, so this scenario pretty much makes sense. If gnomes indeed work their magic in gardens, what wonderful things a miniature gnome or two can do for your fairy garden!

5. Gnomes are irresistibly cute!

Gnomes are irresistibly cute!

Left: Patio Eden Miniature Beach Gnome Set, $16 at Amazon

Right: Top Collection Miniature Garden Gnome Napping Statue, $16 at Amazon

There’s no denying! The overall look of a gnome (at least what they’re made to look nowadays) is irresistibly cute! The pointed hats and elf clothing are one thing but these days, the various human-like expressions and activities make them even more adorable. From gnomes chilling by the beach or getting some shut-eye, there’s a perfect miniature gnome waiting out there for your fairy garden!

If you’re looking for garden-sized gnomes instead of miniature ones, we’ve picked out 10 equally adorable ones below. Simply click on the buttons to scroll and browse and click on the pictures to shop.

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