Create a Red, Pink and White Fairy Garden for Valentine’s Day

Create a Red, Pink and White Fairy Garden for Valentine's Day

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’ve been busily preparing for Valentine’s Day. It is the season of magic and love and we are so pleased that you want to share in that with us. We have lots of exciting things happening right now in Fairy Land. For this week we came up with some DIY suggestions on creating a red, white, and pink themed Valentine’s Fairy Garden. With this color scheme, it could also be a garden that is enjoyed all year long.

Pink, Red and White Fairy Gardens
1. Mushroom Toadstools
2 Red and White Magical Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Fairy Garden, Fairy Mushrooms, Miniature, Red, White, Magical, Dollhouse, Cute, Fairy
2. Miniature Fairy Signs
2 Different Designs of Adorable Fairy Signs, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Miniature Signs, Fairy Signs, Fairy At Play Signs
3. Fairy Couple
Romantic Couple Figurines Swing Flower Fairy Garden Micro Landscape Pendant Resin Craft Creative Scene Decoration
4. Flowery Steppingstones
Hot pink daisy flower miniature fairy garden steppingstones. Set of 5.

Mushroom Toadstools

We found some adorable red mushroom toadstools with white polka dots that would be perfect for a Valentine’s fairy garden. They would make perfect seating for your fairy friends. Find them on Etsy.

Miniature Fairy Signs

Miniature fairy signs are perfect for a fairy garden as long as you laminate them to keep them safe from the elements. We found a fairy at play and welcome fairies signs which are magical and fun. They feature our theme colors – pink and white. They’re available for download on Etsy.

Fairy Couple

We met a wonderful fairy couple swinging in the park lately. They’d love to move into your fairy garden. The fairy woman is dressed in a pinky color and they are holding a bouquet of pink flowers. Meet them on Etsy.

Flowery Steppingstones

Steppingstones are a great addition to a fairy garden. Allow your fairy friends to wander through the rows of flowers in style. We found some stunning miniature hot pink daisy steppingstones that will have you and your fairy friends smiling anytime they see this magnificent path. Find these stones on Etsy.

Pink, Red and White Fairy Garden
1. Enchanted Tree House
Red Tree House, Forest Fun House, Fairy Garden Tree House, Fairy Garden Accessory
2. Fantastic Floral Fence
Fairy garden fence, Dollhouse fence, Fairy flowers, Easter garden, Fairy garden bird, Miniature bird, Fence with bird, Fairy landscape
3. Fun Fairy Pets
Unicorns With Eyes Wide Open, Pastel, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Fairy, Cute Unicorns, Gold Unicorn Horn
4. Delicious Treats
Fairy Garden Miniature 3 Cupcakes, Setting for Fairies, Dollhouse Miniature Tea, Fairy Food, Miniature Dessert, Fairy Desserts

Enchanted Tree House

Fairies need a place to read magical books, to have tea, visit, and enjoy looking out at the garden. We saw an amazing, enchanted tree house that is red. It would be a wonderful addition to your DIY garden. It has a wonderful cascading staircase,  although the fairies can also access it by flying. Find it on Etsy.

Fantastic Floral Fence

We found an amazing floral fence that includes red and white accents. It is extremely magical and would be the perfect backdrop for a fairy couple to take a photo. Find it on Etsy.

Fun Fairy Pets

Unicorns are fun and friendly fairy pets. Did you know that unicorns can be found in every color imaginable? Some of them even have the unique ability to change colors like a chameleon. We found some pink unicorns on Etsy. They’d love to visit your fairy garden and maybe even make it their permanent home.

Delicious Treats

Enticing fairies to stay in your fairy garden also takes some delicious treats like the cupcakes that are sitting on the bench in the photo above. One of the cupcakes has pink icing. I wonder what flavor they are. Find them on Etsy.

The fairies have many magical videos in their collections. We thought you might enjoy this one.


Thank you for joining us. We hope that you have been inspired to come up with the perfect DIY fairy garden theme for your home. Let us know what you’ve chosen by reaching out to us on our social media accounts. Please continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more exciting fairy news.

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