Meet Some Magical Valentine’s Fairies

Meet Some Magical Valentine's Fairies

Hello friends, it is so good to see you. We’re glad that you decided to come and visit us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be introducing you to some amazing and magical Valentine’s fairies and their friends.

Valentine's Fairies
1. Romantic Fairy
Ebros Large Celestial Moonlit Romance Crimson Lilly Wedding Fairy in Red Gown Statue 12" Tall by Nene Thomas Decorative Mythical Fantasy Figurine Collectible
2. Sugarsnap Drawstring Bag
With Love From Sugarsnap™ Drawstring Bag
3. Magical Valentine’s Clothing
Chipy The Valentine Chipmunk™ Kids T-Shirt
4. Enchanted Writing
Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy Friends™ Hardcover Journal

Romantic Fairy

The first fairy that we would like to introduce you to can be found on Amazon. She is part of the Decorative Mythical Fantasy Collection. She has an amazing and romantic looking red dress that is flowy and must look incredible when she moves around the dance floor.

Sugarsnap Drawstring Bag

We would also like you to meet Sugarsnap, who is one of Teelie Turner’s amazing friends. If you have been joining us for a while now, you may have been introduced to Sugarsnap at the beginning of 2020, when she first shared her story with the world, so that you could learn more about her job as a Valentine’s Card Fairy. Sugarsnap also has an amazing collection of merchandise on Redbubble which includes the drawstring bag pictured above.

Take a moment to enjoy this magical Sugarsnap video.

Magical Valentine’s Clothing

One of Sugarsnap’s Valentine’s helpers is Chipy the Chipmunk. He is responsible for helping make Sugarsnap’s cards extra magical. He is featured in her stunning collection of merchandise which includes clothing for all ages. There are also several different color choices for the clothing, including this blue children’s t-shirt featuring Chipy. Find it on Redbubble.

Enchanted Writing

Sugarsnap also gets some assistance from several birds who help her to deliver her magical Valentine’s cards. Therefore, the birds are also featured in Sugarsnap’s Redbubble collection. They are pictured with a tree of hearts. They can be found on several items including a hardcover journal that is perfect for some enchanted writing, or perhaps private thoughts about how love makes you feel.

Valentine's Fairies
1. Valentine’s Comforts
Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy™ Throw Pillow
2. Write a Special Note
Vesta The Valentines Day Fairy™ Greeting Card
3. Lovely Valentine’s Pixie
StealStreet Fairy Collection Pixie with Clear Wings Fantasy Figurine Decoration
4. Gift a Rose Fairy
Pacific Giftware 5.25 Inch Fairyland Purple Winged Fairy with Red Rose Statue Figurine

Valentine’s Comforts

Sugarsnap is also pleased to be able to offer several comfort items including throw pillows in her collection of merchandise. Find a throw pillow featuring Sugarsnap surrounded by a tree of hearts on Redbubble, or look for your favorite fairy design there, to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Write a Special Note

Consider writing a special note to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Vesta is another magical Valentine’s Fairy who has a collection of merchandise on Redbubble. Her collection includes greeting cards. You can also find postcards if you’re looking to write a shorter note.

Lovely Valentine’s Pixie

We also met a lovely Valentine’s Pixie when we went for a walk in Fairy Land recently. She was carefree and dancing in a flower garden. If you’d like to meet her, you can visit Amazon.

Gift a Rose Fairy

The final Valentine’s Fairy that we’d like you to meet for today, has magical purple wings and we recently saw her picking a rose from a patch that was growing along a Fairy Land roadway. We know that whoever receives her rose will be very pleased. Learn more about her on Amazon.

Thank you again for visiting us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you enjoyed meeting these magical Valentine’s fairies and their friends. We’d like to invite you to come back and visit us soon for magical suggestions on creating a fairy garden and other exciting fairy news.

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Find the fairies’ magical Valentine’s poem here. 

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