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valentine's date fairy garden

The magic of date night is always special, so we at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, decided why not re-create that in a fairy garden. Since Valentine’s Day is nearly here, we decided that this date night would be specifically for Valentine’s Day.

Last year for Valentine’s Day, the fairies also made this video about places they might like to go on a Valentine’s date. You might find it inspiring. You could even incorporate elements of it into this year’s magical  fairy garden.


DIY Fairy Garden
1. Magical Transportation
Gold Miniature Carriage, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Miniature, King, Queen, Gold Glitter, Royal Carriage
2. A Romantic Beverage
Miniature Glass Champagne in 3 Colors~ Fairy Garden Accessories & Supply ~ Dollhouse Miniature Champagne
3. Delectable Desserts
Amazing Red Rose Valentine Cupcakes, Miniature, Rose Cupcake, Dollhouse Decoration, Magical, Fairy Garden, Fairy Food, Miniature Food
4. Special Gifts
Amazing Red Teddy Bear With Love Wood Heart, Fairy Garden Decorations, Miniature, Dollhouse, Cute, Red Teddy Bear, Heart Candies, Heart

Magical Transportation

Your magical fairy garden date will have an enchanted form of transportation. You will travel the rows of flowers in a stylish gold and glittery carriage. It will be amazing and romantic. Find a splendid carriage on Etsy.

A Romantic Beverage

A date night should include some sort of romantic beverage like champagne. We found some sparkly champagne flutes on Etsy. And, if champagne isn’t your taste, sparkling cider will also be delicious and look incredible in these glasses on a silver tray.

Delectable Desserts

Fairies adore desserts so including some as part of a romantic celebration is a great idea for a DIY fairy garden. We found some amazing red rose Valentine cupcakes, that are not only gorgeous, but scrumptious looking too. We know that the fairies will love these. We heard some rumors around Fairy Land that some fairies were even considering hiding a ring in the cupcake as part of an elaborate marriage proposal. We can’t wait to learn more from our fairy friends. Find these cupcakes on Etsy.

Special Gifts

Some fairies like to give special gifts at Valentine’s Day. We found some cute red teddy bears holding wooden hearts with the word Love on them. We think that this would make an incredible miniature gift. It would also be perfect for your fairy garden. Find them on Etsy.

DIY Fairy Garden
1. A Fairy Couple
Fairy Garden, Valentine Fairy Garden, Fairy Garden Kit, Fairy Garden Accessory, Complete Fairy Garden Kit, Fairy Garden Miniature, Valentine
2. Bouquets of Flowers
Miniature Rose in Vase, Miniature Fairy Garden for dollhouse
3. Candy and Stuffed Animals
Valentines Day Candy Bouquets PLUSH included!
4. Moonlit Evening
Moon Stars String Lights 20pcs, Crescent Moon Fairy Lights, Moon lights, Moon Decor, Moon Fairy Lights, valentine decor, battery, valentine

A Fairy Couple

Since our magical fairy garden is centered around the theme of a date night, it will require a fairy couple. We found a magical one waiting to be invited to your fairy garden, on Etsy. They are part of a magical Valentine’s Day kit.

Bouquets of Flowers

Even though you are creating a fairy garden that will likely have fresh or artificial flowers in it, adding some bouquets of flowers can add some color and magical ambience to your garden. We chose some miniature roses in vases. Find them on Etsy.

Candy and Stuffed Animals

Candy and stuffed animals are often part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. We found some candy and stuffed animal sets that include a unicorn plush on Etsy. Enjoy the magic of the celebration with these magical fairy pets.

Moonlit Evening

Our final suggestion for a Valentine’s Date themed fairy garden is a moonlit evening. It is a wonderful time for celebrating. We found some incredible moon and star string fairy lights that can be used in your fairy garden. They’re available on Etsy.

 Thank you for stopping by Teelie’s Fairy Garden to learn how to create a magical Valentine’s date themed fairy garden. We know that your fairy garden will be amazing. We’d love for you to share pictures with us through our social media accounts.

We also created a video and blog post with another idea for creating your own magical DIY fairy garden. We hope you enjoy it. Please continue to visit us to learn more about the magic of fairy gardens.


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