Creating a Magical Barnyard Fairy Garden

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One of the best parts of creating your own fairy garden is having creative freedom in designing a theme. Fairy garden accessories make it possible for us to create scenes based on our favorite themes, such as seasons, holidays, or anything straight out of a fairy tale book. One theme that you can use for your fairy garden is the barnyard. Animal lovers will enjoy adding tiny, miniature animals to their fairy garden and planting miniature flowers and plants, as well. Here, we have some accessories that will help you make a magical barnyard fairy garden.

Magical Barnyard Fairy Garden
Magical Barnyard Fairy Garden
  1. My Garden Miniatures Red Barn Farm House

You have to have this amazing red barn farm house as the centerpiece of your barnyard fairy garden. It is meticulously designed with the most whimsical detail: a stone cobble exterior with red wooden panels for walls, a gray roof, and wooden doors. Made of resin, this unique item measures 9.5 wide x 7.75 deep x 7.75 high.

  1. Water Tower for Fairy Garden

A barn will not be complete without a little water tower to make sure water never runs out! These water tanks are essential in making sure that livestock and little fairy farmers do not go thirsty. This authentic looking water tank is made of metal and measures 2″ wide x 8″ high x 2″ deep.

  1. Silo for Fairy Garden

A silo is perfect for a barnyard fairy garden because it contributes to the authenticity and look of it. The silo is where your fairy friends will store all the grain they’ve harvested after a long day’s work. This silo features a bottom and top door that opens, adding a whimsical experience to your barnyard fairy garden. Made of metal and measures 2.5″ wide x 10.25″ high.

  1. Vertical Windmill for Fairy Garden

A vertical windmill is a perfect addition to your barnyard. Not only can it generate energy for your little barn, it can also serve as a trellis for creeping vines and other miniature fairy plants. This metal-made vertical windmill stands 12″ high and measure 3″ wide and 2.5″ deep.

  1. Touch of Nature Micro Miniature Wooden Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is so adorable! Made of wood, this chicken coop offers delightful detail with its mossy base and little doors for your fairies’ chickens. Measures 2″ x 1.75″.

Magical Barnyard Fairy Garden
Magical Barnyard Fairy Garden
  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Tools (Set of 4), Rustic

To make sure your fairy garden friends have all the help they can get, get these miniature tools that will make their farming work so much easier. This set features a spade, pitchfork, rake, and hoe. Fairies will enjoy digging up their crops and collecting them for harvest season.

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Farm Red Tractor

A vintage style red tractor will not only add a touch of whimsy, it will also be a great accent piece for your barnyard fairy garden. It features great detail to make it look realistic.

  1. Farm Chickens, Set of 2

These two farm chickens are husband and wife! They love spending their time in the grassy fields with the fairies that take good care of them. Nicknamed Harriet and Henry, these two are inseparable and are truly a delight to look at.

  1. Happy Farm Pigs and Miniature Holstein Cow

Fill your barnyard with tiny animals such as these three little pigs and this majestic Holstein cow. These barnyard animals will bring to life your very own barnyard fairy garden thanks to their realistic look and feel.

  1. Fairy Garden Fall Fairy on a Haystack

Last but certainly not least, we have the Fall fairy who’s sitting on a haystack, resting after a long day’s work in the barn. She is wearing her favorite pair of overalls and watching the sun set over the barnyard.


Your magical barnyard fairy garden will thrive if you add some small fairy garden plants! For more ideas on how to design your fairy garden with miniature plants, check out the link below. As always, don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for all things fairy garden!

Fairy Garden Plants
Fairy Garden Plants

Fairy Garden Plants

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