DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents

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Enchanting fairy gardens are often brought to life by miniature plants such as succulents. These little plants create a tiny world where fairies freely roam and grace us with their presence. Today, let’s discover the ways that we can create a DIY fairy garden with succulents.

Creating Your Own DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents Instructions

  1. Get a container.

Before everything else, select a container that will hold your fairy garden and your plants. TO create your own DIY fairy garden with succulents, get a well-draining container and fill it with potting soil.

  1. Select your plants.

Your DIY fairy garden with succulents will feature an array of different plants and fairy garden accessories. You can select bonsai trees and other miniature flowers and plants to create a tiny world for you fairies.

  1. Decorate with fairy garden accessories.

There are a lot of fairy garden accessories to choose from for your DIY fairy garden with succulents. Your succulents can be complemented by miniature chairs and tables for your fairies, or even a small fairy house. You can even add other things like a fairy playground with a swing.

Caring for Succulents

To properly ensure that succulents grow optimally, they have to be cared for properly. Some tips include knowing its hardiness zone. For those who are yet unaware, a hardiness zone is the geographic area that defines certain climate conditions that affect a plant’s growth. This system has defined 13 zones based on the annual extreme minimum temperature in a geographical area. Succulents are often hardy zone 3 to 9, unless specified otherwise. This means that it tolerates temperatures ranging from -40 to 30 °F. To maintain your DIY fairy garden with succulents, make sure to know your environment’s temperature and match it to your succulents’ hardy zone.

It’s also important to ensure that succulents grow in soil that efficiently drains water, as succulents do not thrive well in very wet soil. Make sure that succulents have about half a day of sunlight for optimal growth. When transplanting from a pot to the ground or to another container, make sure that the level of the soil remains the same as when the succulent was in its pot. Following these tips will make your DIY fairy garden with succulents thrive and grow healthy. Here are just some succulents that will add color, texture, and personality to your fairy garden!

DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents
DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents

1 Orostachys Iwarenge “Chinese Duncecap” Pot Succulent, Etsy 2 Monilaria moniliforme, Rare Succulent (10 seeds), Etsy 3 Haworthia Zebra Plant White Stripe Aloe Spiky Succulent, Etsy 4 Haworthia Star Water Puffy Chubby Succulent, Etsy 5 Frithia Pulchra, Rare Succulent (10 seeds), Etsy

DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents
DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents

6 Crassula Capitella Red Pagoda Succulent, Crassula Corymbulosa Trees Shark’s Tooth, Etsy 7 Echeveria Purple Pearl Succulent Plant, Etsy 8 Cactus Plant Opuntia Angel Wing Microdasys Albata Bunny Ears Succulent, Etsy 9 Echeveria Simulans, Laguna Sanchez, Rare Succulent (10 seeds), Etsy 10 Succulent ‘String of Pearls’ Live Plants, Etsy

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