Tiny Flowers for Your Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is truly a wondrous world to get lost in. Any fairy garden enthusiast will know that having miniature plants and accessories will help attract fairies and recreate our world for them. Tiny flowers for your fairy garden are a great addition because it provides blooms that are just as small as our fairy friends. If you’re new to fairy gardening, here are some tiny flowers that we recommend for you to plant in your fairy garden.

  1. Stricta Hard Air Plants Tillandsia

For beginners, the stricta hard tillandsia air plant are great because it requires no soil and very little maintenance. It only needs to be watered once to thrice a week! It’s also functional, as the tillandsia also serves as an air purifier. If cared for properly, the plant changes colors to a pink tone and blooms, creating lengthy spike-like flowers.

  1. Flora Plena Heron’s Bill

Related to the Cranesbill Geraniums, the Heron’s Bill is a cute flowering plant that produces dainty pink blooms. It flowers throughout the seasons and even in winter, which is why it’s great for all-year-round fairy gardens. Its leaves are lush green and have a certain fine hair texture to them.

  1. Miniature African Violets

The African Violet or Saintpaulia offers flowers all twelve months of the year, making it an all-time attraction for your fairy friends. It is easy to grow because all it needs is some warm sunshine and evenly moist soil.

  1. Bellium minutum, miniature daisy

Your fairy garden friends will love summer because that’s when these miniature daisies bloom! It also blooms throughout winter, producing small white flowers that are just like real daisies. Its leaves are light green and spoon-shaped, creating a ground cover type of foliage. All you need to do is regularly water it for optimal growth.

  1. Brussel’s Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Small

This is a perfect centerpiece for your fairy garden. Place it on your container and decorate your fairy garden with accessories such as a tiny outdoor patio set or a bench right underneath that tree. Fairies are going to enjoy coming around this tree and sitting underneath it during summer. Its brilliant blooms and lush leaves are highly attractive to fairies.

  1. Partridge Berry

You and your fairy friends will fall in love with these tiny, pristine white flowers that produce small red berries. It’s a great way to add color and ground cover to your fairy garden. Just make sure its placed in a shady location.

  1. Cuphea hyssopifolia, Elfin Herb, Mexican Heather

Add this flowering shrub to your fairy garden, where it will produce bright green, glossy leaves and tiny, trumpet-shaped purple flowers that bloom from spring to winter.

  1. Miniature Hosta ‘Tiny Tears’

Although named “tiny tears,” this plant will only inspire tears of joy with its gentle beauty. It best grows rather rapidly in a shady fairy garden. The miniature Hosta features a purple and white star-shaped flower with six petals.

  1. Miniature Baby’s Breath Gypsophila repens ‘Rosea’

These enchanting baby’s breath are miniatures that are sure to attract even the shyest fairies in your garden. Note that this plant is for hardy to zone 3. It produces soft rosy pink and pale pink flowers and best grows under the sun and on well-drained soil.

  1. Mimosa Pudica, Fairy Sensitive Plant

This is a rather interesting interactive plant! Both fairies and humans will enjoy tapping the leaves, which magically close when coming into contact with your hand (or fairies!). Don’t worry though, as the leaves will open back up after a few minutes. The plaint offers small pink puffs of flowers that are adorable to look at.

Enjoy your time with your family and friends as you design your very own magical world with these tiny flowers for your fairy garden. Each comes with their own style and personality, which will be a joy to discover once they bloom. If you’re missed any more of our stories, here are some links for further reading:

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