Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories

September is only a couple more days away and you know what that means! The kids are finally heading back to school after that refreshing summer break. Over here in fairy land, little fairies are also gearing up for a new school year. But before we get excited about the new friends our little fairies will get to meet, let’s check out the back to school fairy garden accessories that will make their day even brighter!

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories For Little Fairies

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories
Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairies need to go to school too and they’ll need all the help they can get to make learning more fun. That’s why we’ve rounded up the cutest and most inspiring back to school fairy garden accessories that will take you back to your own school days. Let’s get nostalgic!

  1. Leather School Bag

Little fairies will need a school bag to carry all their materials and books in. These tiny handmade school bags come in red, green, and brown. They are made of leather and can be opened so that fairies can place their school materials inside! So adorable!

  1. Leather Pencil Case with Extractable Accessories

Now your fairy friends can go to school prepared! This tiny quaint leather pencil case contains five colored pencils, a regular pencil, eraser, and a pen, all of which can be extracted. This is handmade using leather and golden hardware. Such a fashionable accessory for the school-going fairy crowd.

  1. Teacher’s Desk Decor, School Bell, Paper, and Pencil

The Fairy Teacher is ready for class! She has her bell, quiz paper, and a pencil and cannot wait to see her fairy students this September. The tiny golden bell is a favorite among fairy children, who come running when they hear it ring.

  1. Pocket Calculator Miniature

Here’s something very useful for both fairy teachers and students. This tiny calculator will help solve math problems, which some fairies find really challenging. But worry not, as they have a fantastic fairy math teacher who’s very patient with her pupils.

  1. Assorted School Accessories

These amazing school accessories are everything your little fairies will ever need in their classroom! With notebooks, diaries, pens and pen holders, pencils, color tubes, brushes, palette and squares, this set is great for English, Math, and Art classes.

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories
Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories
  1. Miniature Pencil Sharpener

Fairies need to sharpen their tiny pencils too! This tiny sharpener looks like the vintage original found in many schools around the country. Very nostalgic and a lovely addition to your fairy garden’s classroom.

  1. Miniature Composition Book

Oh, to go back to those days when schoolwork was such a chore! This adorable little composition book reminds us of our days struggling to write a good paper. Can you just imagine your fairy friends fluttering around in the garden classroom with their own composition books?

  1. Miniature Children’s Books

This set of three miniature children’s books features some of our favorites from our childhood. Books included are The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, and Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss. Your fairy friends will love to read the same books we grew up reading!

  1. Vintage Miniature Desks

These vintage school desks for your fairy friends are truly charming. They are made of wood and include an image drawn on the surface. It depicts a letter from the alphabet, with an object that starts with that letter. Great for tiny fairies who are just starting school!

  1. Classic Yellow School Bus

Remember the days we would wake up late and have to run all the way to the bus stop to catch the bus before it leaves? This classic yellow school bus reminds us of the simpler days, when we couldn’t wait to see our friends on the bus and chat with them on the way to school. Your fairy friends take the bus too, so this miniature will be perfect for your fairy garden school.

Have fun recreating our scholastic days with these back to school fairy garden accessories that are charmingly nostalgic. Create a back to school scene using miniatures that are familiar and delightful to explore. For more fairy garden inspiration, click the link below.


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