Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale

Hello Fairy-loving Folks and happy Labor Day weekend!

We cannot wait to get started on this week’s festivities here at Teelie’s Fairy Garden. You know how fairies love to feast, dance, and be merry! But before we blissfully kickstart the weekend, we’d like to let you know about the Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale happening right now at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy store. We have amazing offerings for as much as 25% off, even on newly added items! That’s right, fresh new items from the fairy factory have made its way to our store and they’re also on discounted prices during this Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the awesome stuff that we’re excited to share with you and your fairy friends.

Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale
Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale
  1. Skirty the Scarecrow Fall Fairy Garden

Complete your fall collection with this sweet and spooky Skirty the Scarecrow, who sits at the entrance of the fall Festival and welcomes young and old to the event. He is joined by his pet crow, Cuddles, too!

  1. Halloween Fairy Pumpkin Patch Social

This Halloween season, provide your fairies with a venue to catch up with friends who are just arriving from fairy lands far away. This quaint little pumpkin patch social lets fairies enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice latte in cute little black-and-orange ceramic cups and a cute little wooden bistro set perfect for the Fall. There’s also tons of pumpkins to go around!

  1. Magical Halloween Fairy Picnic For Two

Before fairies go Trick or Treating, they are going to have a fairy picnic with all their favorite snacks! This amazing set features some delightful chocolate cupcakes, berry cream desserts and Sprite! There are also a couple of paper bags for fairies to store their candy in.

  1. Once Upon A Time Fairy Cabin

Relive old fairy tales of the past with this quaint little collection of Once Upon a Time fairy garden accessories. It features a prince fairy who hopes to win over a fairy, who’s got her nose in a book! There’s also a little frog prince who’s waiting to be kissed, sitting inside an enchanting cabin.

  1. The King and Queen of the Fairy Kingdom

It’s never too early to come up with holiday gift ideas. Here’s something you can give to your fairy-loving friends: a scene featuring King Henry and Queen Olivia with their trusty royal horse, and their magnificent carriage. Taken from the Tommy Tinker and The Lost Candy Factory story book.

Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale
Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale
  1. Bubba The Head Candy Taster’s Magical Fairy Garden

We know someone who will love the Halloween season: Bubba The Head Candy Taster of the Royal Fairy Kingdom! He just loves making recipes of various candies and sweets, as you can see in his corner of the fairy garden. Folks with a sweet tooth will get along well with Bubba.

  1. Designer Magical Sweet Gnome Garden

Welcome to the home of the gnome, featuring a purple fairy house with leaves for a roof and wooden pathways. This one-of-a-kind set is never to be created again, so get your hands on it ASAP! It includes carefully crafted accessories with tons of details you’ll love to discover again and again.

  1. Fairy Peppermint Christmas For Two

Christmas is merely three months away and we can’t wait to recreate our holiday-themed fairy garden. This table for two features peppermint refreshments, candy canes, glittered ornaments, and presents! Fairies will truly enjoy celebrating Christmas on this festive table for two.

  1. Fairy Christmas Treats

Oh, the warm glow of Christmas! Here’s some inspiration for your fairy garden this coming season: a set that includes some star doughnuts and hot chocolate, presents, and a charming Christmas tree.

  1. Magical Gold Fairy Peace Church

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining down on this Fairy Peace Church, where fairies gather to say their prayers as the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day. It is believed that the prayers said on that night often come true before the New Year comes in.


No matter what the holiday, we’ve got you covered during this Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale! For more fairy garden inspiration, don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden. If you missed it, here are more great ideas you can use in making your own fairy garden.

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories
Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories

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