Miniature Fairy Garden Plants Under $10

Fairy garden accessories can complete the theme of any fairy garden. However, miniature fairy garden plants often breathe new life into your fairy garden because of its aesthetic appeal. Some miniature plants mimic real-life plants, making a fairy garden scene even more realistic. Today, let’s explore the miniature fairy garden plants under $10 that you can add to your collection.


Miniature Fairy Garden Plants Under $10

1. Leptinella Gruveri or Fairy Fern

One of the first things you need in a fairy garden is some foliage or ground cover. You’ll need something like a fairy fern to keep the ground covered. Leptinella Gruveri is described as a slightly-felted, fern-like foliage that grows into a carpet as ground cover. Your fairy friends will love running through these ferns with their little feet! Available at Etsy for $6.04.

2. Sagina Subulata, Aurea, Scotch Moss

Scotch moss is a great alternative for those who want a grassy foliage in their fairy garden. Note, however, that this scotch moss grows best in clay soil and is averse to drought. It features a yellowish-green color that is great for vibrant, sunny fairy gardens. Available at Etsy for $3.99.

3. Forest Moss

Add some drama to your fairy garden with forest moss, which are soft, green moss that lasts long and is perfect for tiny little enchanting creatures. The moss is very magical and calls to mind the tales of past voyages into worlds unknown. Available at Etsy for $8.46.

4. Lindernia Grandiflora, Blue Moneywort

Described as a mat-forming, semi-evergreen, aquatic perennial, the Lindernia Grandiflora or Blue Moneywort features fleshy, round or heart-shaped green leaves. It also features dainty blue flowers that bloom in summer and all year-round for those in warmer regions. Fairies will love sniffing through these miniature plants that bring a different kind of delight to both young and old. Available at Etsy for $5.38.

5. Aptenia Cordifolia Var, Crystal, Baby Sun Rose

Consider these tiny mums! These delicate little flowers are products of the Baby Sun Rose plant, which are low growing plants that comes from South Africa’s sub tropics. They are creeping succulents with soft, fleshy, cream-edged leaves that give the plant a charming personality. Its an ice plant that features flowers for all seasons. Available at Etsy for $7.69.

Miniature Fairy Garden Plants Under $10

6. Santolina Virens, Lemon Fizz, Lavender Cotton

Now this is one miniature that fairies will definitely be attracted to. The Santolina Virens is a fragrant foliage that provides a gorgeous color all year round and bright, bursting yellow flowers in summer. It’s best for edging pathways and creating borders in your fairy garden. This perennial evergreen is available at Etsy for $4.49.

7. Leptinella Squalida, Platt’s Black, Brass Buttons

Imagine a deep, dark forest where ancient evil forces roam and haunt every living creature they find. This is the exact thought that comes to mind with this uniquely shaped fern-like leaves with a muted gray and green color. This plant spreads by rhizomes and creates a perfect ground cover. Available at Etsy for $6.59.

8. Erodium Variabile, Bishop Form, Heron’s Bill

The Bishop Formis a perennial groundcover that grows best with moderate to occasional water and alkaline soils. It grows about 3 to 4 inches tall and spreads to about 2 feet. Its flowers bloom in spring all throughout fall and feature veiny five-petal pink flowers that fairies will absolutely love. Available at Etsy for $5.38.

9. Sedum Burrito Donkey’s Tail Succulent Hybrid Plant

This adorable little Sedum Burrito or Donkey’s Tail is a succulent that originates from Mexico. It’s easy to grow and tolerates different types of soil, as long as it has good drainage. It features silvery-white leaves that are round and just a joy to look at. Starts at $5.45 at Etsy.

10. Crassula Capitella Red Pagoda Succulent

This unique little succulent becomes more red when it gets lots of sun! The Red Pagoda becomes brightest during winter and offers small white flowers during summer. It’s unique shape gives it an awesome personality, too. Your fairies will definitely be attracted to these fierce little succulents. Starts at $5.45 at Etsy.


We hope you enjoyed this list of miniature fairy garden plants under $10. If you’re interested in exploring even more miniature plants for your fairy garden, follow the link below and don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog for daily fairy garden inspiration!

Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Plants

Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Plants


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