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Fairy Garden Accessories: The Fairies Go Fishing!

Our magical friends, the fairies enjoy doing activities with other fairies in their community. Fishing is one way for them to bond and teach others the value of cooperation and hard work. Today, let’s look at the fairy garden accessories that you can collect to create your own fishing scene!


Fairy Garden Accessories: The Fairies Go Fishing!

1. Miniature Garden Set Fishing Cabin

Welcome to the little fishing cabin by the lake! This little fishing cabin is where fairies go for a day spent outdoors. It features a quaint little “Gone Fishing” sign and a bucket of fish on the porch. This cabin set includes the resin fishing cabin with door on a hinge that you can open, a walkway, and a carved bench, where your fairies can sit down and relax. Get this at Etsy for $62.00.

2. Fishing Pole with Fish for Miniature Fairy Garden

Perfect for your little fairies’ fishing trip, this fishing pole features a fishing line, a tiny bobber, and the fresh catch of the day! It’s designed by Genevieve Gail for the Gypsy Garden Collection and features an all-weather paint and distressed finish. Such a special treat for your fairy friends! Available at Etsy for $5.99.

3. Fly Fishing Creel for Miniature Fairy Garden

Fairies will love this fishing creel to keep their catch of the day. This fairy garden accessory is made of resin and features a vintage look and feel with its intricate details. It has a worn leather strap with a buckle to keep it shut. Additionally, there’s a trout with a curled up tail sitting on top of the creel and a minnow net hanging right by its side. Available at Etsy for $4.39.

4. Miniature Fishing Set with Campfire

A fishing trip won’t be complete without a campfire to cook the fish that the fairies caught! This little set of fairy garden accessories features a fisherman’s chair, reeled rod, line, fish and bait bucket, and a campfire set in stones. Lovingly crafted b hand, this set is best placed beside your fairy garden lake. Available at Etsy for $27.17.

5. Miniature Dock with Fishing Pole and Life Vest

Here’s a cute little detail you can add to your fairy garden, especially if it has a lake! This charming dock features a life vest, fishing pole, and lifesaver for your fairy garden friends who would like to spend the day outdoors fishing or swimming. It is made of basswood and painted with a coat of outdoor acrylic paint. The life vest and lifesaver are crafted from polymer clay. Available at Etsy for $18.00.

Fairy Garden Accessories: The Fairies Go Fishing!

6. Fairy Garden Miniature Rusty Anchor Boat House Fishing Dock

Welcome to the Rusty Anchor Boat House, where fairies will have everything they’ll ever need for a fishing trip! This gorgeous boat house has intricate details that you’ll absolutely love discovering over da over again!. It comes with a ladder, anchor, a helm, rope, chain, crates, barrel, crate with cold beer, and fun signs. The signs read “Dock Sittin’,” “Lake livin’,” “Go jump in the lake,” “Boat Rental,” and “Rusty Anchor Boat House.” The signs were made by burning it into the wood or painted on chalkboard. It also features two handmade wooden canoes. You may also place the boat into the boathouse through the building’s opening. This delightful boat house is made of weathered pine and oak. Available at Etsy for $92.00.

7. Wood Fishing Boat for Miniature Fairy Garden

A fairies fishing trip won’t be complete without a boat! This wooden boat featres curved sides and carved lines to resemble planks of wood. It also has lumber with grooves at its bow, as well as wooden benches in its hull. Your fairy friends will enjoy venturing out into the lake on this quaint little wooden fishing boat! Available at Etsy for $3.99.

8. Miniature Fairy Garden Leaf Boat Set of 3

This set of 3 fairy garden accessories will complete your fishing scene. This fairy garden leaf boat will take your fairies to the middle of the lake, where they can catch fish. This set also includes a fishing pole with a catch of the day. Available at Etsy for $7.99.

9. Fairy Garden Mini Enchanted Forest Fishing Pixie

These little pixies are having fun fishing in the lake! A pair of best friends, these pixies love to fool around especially during their fishing trips. One pixie is using his friend to catch fish as he’s sitting on some cute mushrooms. Get this at Etsy for $5.99.

10. Elf Fairy Hooked on Fishing for Miniature Garden

This summer, let your fairy friends catch up with their elf friends over a fishing trip. This elf is just chilling in the shade after a fun day fishing by the lake. He has a comfortable rustic wood bench and a bright red pail for his catch of the day. He’s also got his fishing rod ready. Available at Etsy for $20.99.


Relive the days spent by the lake, catching fish with these fishing fairy garden accessories. Tell stories to the kids and reminisce about a simpler time when fishing trips were done more often. Create your own fun fairy garden scene with these accessories. For more ideas, make sure to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog. If you haven’t yet, check out our story on retro fairy garden accessories in the link below.

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