How to Make a Retro Fairy Garden

Nostalgia. It is defined as the defined as a wistful desire to give into the past, specifically a joyful, innocent phase in one’s life. We often yearn for things of the past, when life was simpler and time went by a little slower. A lot of television shows and films today are banking on nostalgia to bring back those memories of olden days. Some of the most successful TV shows are set in the 1980s or 1990s and many old shows are also getting reboots. You can also recreate the times of the past in your retro fairy garden. Let’s travel through time and wax nostalgic for the times of our youth in this new list of fairy garden accessories that we’re sure you’ll turn into a wish list of collectibles.


The Retro Vibe

Retro or vintage is often used to describe something that was designed or manufactured not too long ago and well within the last 100 or so years. Compared to today’s digital machines, retro furniture and household items are analog and require some knob turning, lever pulling, and switching. We’ve listed down some miniatures and accessories to pull a retro makeover in your fairy garden.


  1. A quaint little VW Beetle
    Who said fairies only rely on their wings for transport? This super cute Volkswagen Beetle car miniature is painted a chic shade of blue and features a surfboard on its baggage rail. It’s reminiscent of those summer road trips that end at the beach. Get this on Etsy for $24.61.
  2. Old timey living room lamp

This classic, vintage arm chairs tat fairies will love to sit in while reading their favorite book will go perfectly with the living room lamp we just mentioned. Get the arm chairs on Etsy for $12.00 each.

  1. Vintage French Provencal arm chairs

The quaint lamp will go perfectly with a classic, vintage arm chair that fairies will love to sit in while reading their favorite book. Available at Etsy for $12.00.

  1. Vintage Lundby stereo record player

You might still have the real thing up in your attic, but this miniature is perfect for your retro garden. Fairies will love singing and dancing to the music all afternoon, just like your grandchildren do! Get this on Etsy for $19.99.

  1. French rotary dial telephone vintage Durham 1977

This classic Durham Industries rotary telephone miniature is a classic piece that belongs to your fairy garden. Your fairy friends will love listening to the phone’s ringing and rush to answer it like kids do. Available on Etsy for $12.95.

  1. Distressed faux leather Chesterfield sofa

After a long, hard day out in the garden, fairies will absolutely love lounging on this faux leather couch that looks like it belongs to a wealthy man’s home office. Fairies will love the distressed look that goes well with the rest of their vintage furniture. Get this on Etsy for $45.00.

  1. Miniature sewing machine

Fairies love to create! Whether it’s art, music, or clothing, fairies always love to keep busy. This miniature sewing machine is vintage and functional, as it will definitely help them create the prettiest dresses and clothes for their fairy friends. Available on Etsy for $8.27.

  1. Vintage underwriter style typewriter

Fairies enjoy keeping correspondences with their other fairy friends from other gardens. This typewriter will help them craft the sweetest, most loving letters to their friends and family. Get this on Etsy for $10.50.

  1. Fairy garden old school kitchen appliances

Yearning for appliances of the past? MiniFanaberia can satiate that craving with a range of quaint little appliances for your fairy garden. Your fairy friends will enjoy baking with the stand mixer ($70.00), making coffee with the mini kettle ($45.00), and making toast with the toaster ($40.00), all available on Etsy.

  1. 1950’s style kitchen set

What’s a retro kitchen without a gorgeous kitchen dining set? Your fairies will love dining on this set, which is reminiscent of 1950’s diners and kitchens. Its sleek black seats and backrests are a contrast to the shiny metal of the table. Get this on Etsy for $37.00.


Relive the years of the past with these gorgeous miniatures that will go well with a retro fairy garden. The key is your imagination. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the days of your youth. Relive the days with your fairies, who will love to hear stories of the past. For more awesome ideas, follow


Love shopping for your fairy garden? Check out our curated list of fairy garden accessories, all below $15.

Fairy Garden Weekend Shopping: Everything Less Than $15

Fairy Garden Weekend Shopping: Everything Less Than $15

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