How to Make a Funky Town Hippie Fairy Garden

The 1960’s were a chock full of color thanks to the hippie culture that sprang forth as a movement rejecting mainstream American life. The hippie movement was expressed through art, fashion, and music, giving the newer generations an era to look back on with awe. In honor of the hippie movement of the 1960’s to 1980’s, we’ve curated a list of Funky Town hippie fairy garden accessories that are sure to bring back memories from one of the most colorful eras of our lives.


Make Your Own Funky Town Hippie Fairy Garden

What does it take to turn back the clock and design a fairy garden using iconic design elements from the 1960’s? Lots of color, peace signs, and flowers! Get ready to puff up your hair, put on those oversized shades, and dust off those bell bottom jeans and get groovin’ to these awesome Funky Town hippie fairy garden accessories that your fairies will enjoy.

How to Make a Funky Town Hippie Fairy Garden

  1. Grateful Dead Inspired Tie-dye Painted Fairy Garden Door

Where does this whimsical door lead? To a summer day in 1960’s, in the middle of a music festival of fairies singing and dancing along to the Grateful Dead’s biggest hits. This handmade door (which the creator claims is also made of love, sunshine, daydreams, and peace) is available on Etsy for $15.00.

  1. Enchanting Fairy Dream Catcher

Fairies are known to protect humans and woodland creatures with their magic. This mini dream catcher will help keep the evil spirits and bad dreams away from your fairy garden. This enchanting piece is available on Etsy for $7.00.

  1. Southwestern Teepee for Fairy Garden

Let your fairies live the complete bohemian life with this southwestern teepee that features geometric patterns from the region in Juneberry, teal, and rusted orange colors. Fairies will love playing hide and seek or hanging out and playing music in or outside this cozy teepee. Available on Etsy for $19.99.

  1. Party Flags for Fairy Garden

These party flags are reminiscent of music festivals that go on all night. Add this to your Funky Town scene and watch as your fairies celebrate the bohemian lifestyle in their magical fairy world. Get this on Etsy for $4.49.

  1. Fairy Garden Bohemian Hammock

Let your fairy garden friends chill to the music of Bob Marley while lounging on this delicate fairy garden bohemian hammock that is comfortable as it is cute! Available on Etsy for $8.95.

How to Make a Funky Town Hippie Fairy Garden

  1. Groovy 60’s Inspired Flower Van

This is the perfect flower van for your fairy garden friends! It looks like a Volkswagen bus converted into a flower van for all your fairies and their other fairy friends. This van features a hinged door and will take fairies places they’ve never been to before. Get this for $31.95 on Etsy.

  1. Fairy Miniature Rustic Peace Sign Bed

Fairies are heralds of peace, which is why this rustic little bed is one that they will enjoy sleeping in. It’s a little reminder of how a little peace sign can be a symbol of tolerance and unity, as well. Available on Etsy for $8.50.

  1. Miniature Garden Funky Town Music Shop

Fairies love making music! They can gather at this Funky Town Music Shop, where they can browse through sheet music, play instruments, and have tutoring sessions, or even play in a band. This building is made of wood and features a hinged door, an outdoor bench, and two pots. Available on Etsy for $72.00.

  1. Mini Boho Flower Picks

Add some sunshine to your fairy garden with this quaint little set of boho flower picks. Made of metal and resin, it embodies the colorful lifestyle of the 1960’s. One set costs $9.99 on Etsy.

  1. Miniature Garden Funky Town Pot Shop

Place this Funky Town Pot Shop right next to your Funky Town Music Shop and watch as your fairies experience the benefits of cannabis. Like the Music Shop, this vibrant building also features a hinged door, outdoor benches, and a couple of potted plants. Take a peek inside the window and discover jars of faux cannabis, plaques and decor, and LED lights on the ceiling. Get this on Etsy for $52.00.


Take a trip down memory lane, open that fairy door and enter the era of the Funky Town fairy hippie fairy garden. It will definitely set the tone for the next storytelling session with your loved ones. Look back at the simpler times and reminisce with these quaint little pieces.


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How to Make a Retro Fairy Garden

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