The Fairy Scoop: Enchanting Fairy Garden Doors—Where Do They Lead?

Fairy gardens are truly a sight to behold. After all, they are not only a labor of love, they’re also world of fantasy. Just like the real world, they have enchanting fairy garden doors that begs the question, where do they lead? Do these tiny, magical fairy doors hold secrets to what’s behind them? Today, we’re discovering the many ways we can accessorize fairy gardens and homes with an enchanting fairy garden door.


The Secret Behind the Enchanting Fairy Garden Doors

Fairy garden doors can be gateways to another world. They can be the door to another dimension, where fairies are real and very much alive. It can also be their secret passage to that world, where no humans are allowed, except for those who are truly pure in heart. Fairy doors are known to keep bad spirits away, from both their world and ours. But how can these magical fairy garden doors be used to decorate fairy gardens? We’ve curated a list of fairy garden doors and where best to place them in your fairy garden.


enchanting fairy garden doors

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden of Enchantment Fairy Gnome Hobbit Oak Tree Cottage Door

This four-inch oak tree cottage door is best placed at the foot of a tree or tree stump. More than just secrets, this door holds the key to the actual fairy world, where fairies roam freely. It features a golden knob and a fascinating little keyhole you might just be able to peek through to see the other side. Available at Amazon for $11.95.

  1. Plow & Hearth Miniature Fairy Garden Painted Metal Dragonfly Decorative Door Accent

This sleek door is as majestic as it is enchanting. It’s best placed at the foot of your garage wall where the pavement meets the garden. The door is guarded by a magical dragonfly that turns into a fairy dragon when the fairy world is in need of protection. Get this on Amazon for $12.99.

  1. Marshall Home and Garden Welcome Doorway Miniature Fairy Garden Accessory

Reminiscent of a countryside home, this resin-made wooden door with a stone arch and step is a quaint and welcoming. It even has a welcome sign on the door! This fairy garden door is a usual gateway for fairies to come in and out of your garden, so it’s best to place them near lots of greenery or bushes. Available on Amazon for $12.50.

  1. Ronda’s Fairy Doors Handmade Fairy Door with Window

Made of wood and sanded, primed, and painted by hand, this gorgeously red and rust toned fairy door features an arch shape and some steps. It’s perfect to place at the foot of a tree, together with some moss and blooming plants. It’s the door to the fairies’ sleeping quarters, where they retreat to every night. Get this on Amazon for $19.00.

  1. Collections Etc Dew Drop Inn Fairy Gnome Garden Door

There is an old world charm to this enchanting fairy garden door, as it features gold trimmings and some magical, protective gems. After all, the Dew Drop Inn is where the most powerful fairies convene. The set includes the door with a stone arch, a Dew Drop Inn sign, and three stone walkways. Best placed at the foot of a large tree. Available on Amazon for $27.95.

enchanting fairy garden doors

  1. Fiddlehead Fairy Garden English Cottage Fairy Door

This weatherproof piece is reminiscent of English cottages in the countryside. You can place this outdoors at the foot of large trees or at the bottom of stone walls. Get this for $13.30 on Amazon.

  1. Wind & Weather Fairy Shoes Door

Welcome to Wanda’s door! Wanda is a very chic fairy with lots of personality. She absolutely loves going out and socializing with other fairies in the fairy garden. At the end of the day, she kicks off her shoes and wand because she’s not on fairy duty! You’ll know when it gets dark and the light behind her door turns on. This fairy garden door includes a LED light powered by a AA battery. Available on Amazon for $19.95.

  1. Transpac Imports, Inc. Welcome Sign and Blue Cone Shape Door

Welcome to the fairy Bethesda’s home. The fairy Bethesda is a healing fairy, which means she heals all woodland animals, creatures, and fairies who get hurt by bad elements. Her uniquely shaped pine cone home features a bright blue door and a golden bell that visitors can ring anytime. Magical healing flowers flank the door as well. Get this on Amazon for $13.95.

  1. Sparkle Fairy Door Garden Home Ornament

Meet Dahlia and Azalea, twin fairies who love to dance on flowers, sing songs of joy and spread sparkly all over your fairy garden. They have matching fairy doors that you can place on either sides of your garden. Get this set of two for $12.99 on Amazon.

  1. Ronda’s Fairy Doors Pink Fairy Door

This powder pink fairy door holds the key to the fairy nursery! All the newborn fairies are behind this enchanting door, which is protected with an extra layer of magic. Don’t be fooled by the baby blue steps, as a fierce, protective dragon sleeps underneath it to protect the baby fairies inside. Best placed at the foot of large trees among some moss. Available on Amazon for $19.00.


Open a new world with these enchanting fairy garden doors that lead to lots of discovery and awe. Every door in your fairy garden is a portal to a magical world. All you need is your imagination. To explore more fairy garden doors, visit the link below.

The Secret Behind the Enchanting Fairy Garden Doors

Magical Fairy Doors for Your Enchanted Fairy Garden


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