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A fairy garden is a world where the lines between reality and magic are blurred. We create these worlds with and for our fairy friends and their friends too, the animals! Fairy garden animals are a great addition to your collection of accessories because it brings more enchantment to an already charming garden. Today, we’ve curated the cutest, most adorable fairy garden animals for you to adopt!

1. Chelle & Champ Fairy and Pony

Fairies love to take care of their own pet animals, including ponies. Ponies are often fairies’ go to animals for when they’re traveling long distances and going on adventures. Fairy Chelle and her pony Champ are pictured here in a fairy garden. This miniature has two metal picks from under the figurine so you can secure them onto the soil of your fairy garden. Get this at Etsy for $10.49.

2. Elephant Hugs, Fairy and Elephant

Fairies are good friends with all types of woodland and forest animals, including elephants. They are the guardians of all wildlife, especially those endangered species. This fairy’s best friend is an elephant, who she truly loves dearly. This miniature shows her hugging its trunk. Available at Etsy for $10.49.

3. Chipmunk With Flower

This magical little chipmunk is very charming! He likes collecting flowers to give to his fairy friends. Welcome him to your fairy garden by adding him to your collection of fairy garden accessories. Best for both indoor and outdoor displays. Available at Etsy for $4.49.

4. Fairy Garden Resin Hedgehogs

One of the most common woodland creatures are hedgehogs, who are good friends with fairies. They are often seen playing and rolling around in fields and gardens or eating their favorite fruit, apples! These three resin hedgehogs for your fairy garden come in three different apple-eating poses: seated, eating, and lying on his back. Available at Etsy for $3.00 each.

5. Fairy Garden Resin Owls

These charming fairy garden owls come out at night to sing lullabies to fairies! They keep guard at night to make sure that the Fairy Kingdom is kept safe from any dark forces. Available at Etsy for $3.00 for two owls.

6. Mini Rabbit Holding Carrot

One of the fairies’ best little helpers are bunnies. They love to assist fairies in harvesting crops, including their favorite, carrots! This hard working little bunny has a carrot over his little shoulder. Made of resin and best for both indoor and outdoor display. Available at Etsy for $4.99.

7. Three Bunnies in Basket with Carrot

Bunnies are a great addition to a fairy garden. After helping fairies with the harvest, bunnies like to stay comfortable in a cozy little basket. This dainty little fairy garden accessory is full of intricate details, from the basket weaving to the bunnies themselves. Get this at Etsy for $9.49.

8. Mini Sheep Lamb for Fairy Garden

These adorable little sheep will be the cutest addition to your fairy garden! These intricately detailed miniatures feature all weather pain and a unique distressed finish. Made of resin. Available at Etsy for $4.95 each.

9. Rooster and Chickens (Set of 2) for Fairy Garden

One of the easiest animals to take care of, chickens are a favorite among fairies! Roosters make sure that the fairy community wakes up on time every morning, while hens lay eggs for fairies to cook. Add this to your barnyard or vegetable-themed fairy garden. Available at Etsy starting at $4.95.

10. Miniature Holstein Cow

Complete your fairy garden barnyard by adding this quaint little cow to your collection! He is a trusty little cow who loves providing milk for her fairy friends. Get this at Etsy for $6.99.

If you’d like to “adopt” any of these charming fairy garden animals, follow the links to each products. We curate fairy garden accessories and plants daily and encourage you to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog for more stories and inspiration for your fairy garden. Before you go, check out the next story by following the link below.


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