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The Fairy Scoop: Church Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

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It’s finally the weekend! If you’re looking to do a fairy garden makeover, we’ve got just the thing for you. In this week’s Fairy Scoop, we’re talking about church themed fairy garden accessories that will add some romance to your little wonderland.


Church themed fairy garden accessories can evoke feelings of hope and love. Churches often remind us of wedding ceremonies and christenings, or Sunday mass. It’s a nice touch to add to a fairy garden, especially if you’re religious or faithful. Let’s take a closer look at some chic little fairy garden accessories to add to your collection.


Church Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

1. Fairy Garden Church Chapel Miniature

What a gorgeous little find! This fairy garden church/chapel miniature is lovingly crafted with stained and sealed wood. It features doors on hinges that you can open and close. The windows even have faux stained glass. You may add a tea light to the chapel through the hole underneath. It also features an etched cobblestone base. Available at Etsy for $62.00.

2. Mini Church Door for Fairy Garden

Fairy garden doors are a quaint little addition to your scene. They bring a touch of whimsy to your fairy garden. This mini church door is a nice addition to your fairy garden and is made of salvaged wood and a silver wood cross. Place it at the foot of a tree or attached to a wall. Get this at Etsy for $53.92.

3. Fairy Garden Building Vintage Church

This metal-made church has a minimalistic design that can blend well with any fairy garden. It features several rectangle and arched windows so you and your fairy friends can see inside. Available at Etsy for $45.99.

4. Miniature Fairy Garden House Victorian Village Christmas Church With Led Light

Christmas may be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing. This charming little fairy garden church has intricate details that you and your fairies will love. It has a pair of Christmas wreaths on its door, while its blue roof is mostly covered in snow! Perfect for the holiday season. It also has a LED light that you can turn on at night to attract the little fairies. Get this at Amazon for $70.01.

5. Fairy Garden Woodland Chapel

This delightful fairy garden woodland chapel is artistically crafted with stained and painted wood. It has doors on tiny hinges that lets fairies open and close it using the brass door pulls. The front windows feature faux stained glass and the bottom has a hole, so you can put in a tea light! Its roof has coconut fiber and the surrounding area of the chapel has some moss. Such a perfect place for a fairy garden wedding. Available at Etsy for $62.00.

Church Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

6. Little Tin Chapel Fairy Garden Church

A whimsical, pristine white building made of tin, this fairy garden church has arched windows and an open-frame door that you can swing open or shut. Very minimalist yet charming, this is a great addition to any fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $14.95.

7. Ornate Fairy Garden Church Chapel

This charmingly unique fairy garden chapel is truly a sight to behold! It is handmade from an Indiana tree branch and accessorized with glitters. This rustic little chapel also features a handmade shag bark hickory roof accented with moss and iridescent gems. Its trunk features two types of gold glitter and wire moss for a magical look and feel. Its door is crafted from a piece of eucalyptus bark from southern California. Such a charming little chapel for your fairy friends, who will truly enjoy marveling at this building. Available at Etsy for $23.99.

8. Rustic Fairy Church

An authentic Gooseberry Creek Designs creation, this rustic fairy church features many details at every turn. It features a white and exposed brick facade and a worn black roof, a wreath, a tree, and some moss out front. There are two windows and a main door. This highly customizable rustic fairy church can also be converted into a birdhouse. Available at Etsy for $59.95.

9. Gnome Church

Fairy garden churches aren’t for fairies alone. Gnomes also like to gather to share their faith. This little gnome church is lovingly hand carved with intricate detailing, such as the dove and the cross on its facade. It is made from cottonwood bark and hollowed out inside for the windows. Available at Etsy for $50.00.

10. Church with Thatched Roof for Fairy Garden

Imagine this little church sitting atop a hill by the countryside. This whimsical fairy garden church features a thatched roof and a quaint exterior with arched windows. It even has a tiny little bell tower and a bell! Get this at Etsy for $39.99.


Add a touch of whimsy to any fairy garden village by adding church themed fairy garden accessories such as these. You can even host your own Royal Fairy Wedding! Follow the link below to find out more and don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Blog for more awesome fairy garden ideas.

Celebrating the Royal Wedding in the Fairy Kingdom


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