Fairy Garden Accessories That Will Spark the Kids’ Imagination

Fairy gardens are a great way to spend time with the family. Gardening and curating fairy garden accessories to go with your little world is best done with family and children. Today, let’s explore the many fairy garden accessories that will spark the kids’ imagination and yours as well.


Fairy Garden Accessories That Will Spark the Kids' Imagination

1. Fairy Garden Mini Wonderland Teapot House

This charming little teapot fairy garden house is a charming adaptation of the teapot from the Through the Looking Glass novel. It features a dainty white and purple diamond pattern design with floral detailing that’s just so fascinating to look at. The detail is incredible, with the vines crawling up its handle and snout. Available at Etsy for $23.99.

2. The Sign Says Tree and Gnome for the Fairy Garden

Getting lost in the little world of fairies and gnomes is just like wandering in the forest. You’ll come across fairy homes, bridges, and signs that will lead you where you have to go. This little tree has six signs pointing to the Swimming Hole, Gnomeland, Ribbets Crossing, Fairyvill, Funtown, and Mushroom Hideaway. You and your kids and grandkids will love the detail on this, as it features four little red birds, two mushrooms, and a gnome waiting for you to ask him for directions! What a lovely addition to your fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $15.50.

3. Garden Gnomes Playing on Seesaw with Bird

Kids love to play at the playground and gnomes and fairies are no different! These two gnomes are having an absolute blast playing on this cute tree-made seesaw. This hand painted fairy garden accessory also features a little bird perched at the top of the seesaw. Get this at Etsy for $18.99.

4. Fairy Garden Door for Fairy, Gnome, Elf

Charm the little ones with this imaginative fairy garden door for fairies, gnomes, and elves. Made of resin and sprayed with varnish for extra protection, this enchanting little door features intricate detail on its arch. It has a little bell for fairies to ring whenever they want to pass. It also includes intricate detailing on the door. On its floorboards lies a pot and shovel that a fairy may have left for you  to find! Get yours today at Etsy for $12.00.

5. Ivy Home Resin Outdoor Garden Decorative Statuary, Gnome With Frog

Teach your grandchildren the value of caring for animals with this adorable little gnome! He’s good friends with the friendly garden frog and never leaves the garden without him. This charming little gnome is definitely a great addition to your fairy garden! Available at Amazon for $19.99.

Fairy Garden Accessories That Will Spark the Kids' Imagination

6. Miniature Birdhouse for Fairy Garden

This miniature birdhouse will definitely inspire story time with the little ones! Sit them down for a story about the fairies that live in your garden and how they keep harmony among the animals, including birds. The birdhouse is made of wood and adorned with wood and real moss, faux greenery, and handmade clay tulips. This gorgeous, made-with-love addition to your fairy garden is an eye-catching accessory that they won’t stop talking about. Available at Etsy for $18.50.

7. Fairy Garden Miniature Small Cute Rabbit Reading Book with Bird

Teach the little ones the value of reading with this little bunny, who just propped open a book! This intricately detailed fairy garden accessory features a little bird perched on this bunny’s favorite book. Available at Etsy for $9.99.

8. Miniature Fairy Figurine Spring Fairy

Meet the Spring Fairy, who brings forth the season with flowers, butterflies, and birds! This delightful little fairy is holding a little butterfly in her hand and is dressed in a purple blouse with a green collar that matches her green skirt. You can sit her down on any pot or flat surface in your fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $8.50.

9. Fairy Garden Swing

Like little children, fairies love to play! This quaint little swing is not only a gorgeous addition to your fairy garden, but it will also spark the imagination of children and children at heart! It is made of all natural materials and looks like it was lovingly crafted by fairies themselves. Its base is made of a large piece of bark and is adorned with moss, lichen, tiny pine cones, acorns, and curly seed pods. Get this at Etsy for $33.00.

10. Outdoor Fairy Door

Here’s another unique little fairy door to add to your garden! This one can be used both indoors or outdoors and feature an impeccable detail. The door has a little bell on top, with a potted plant and some mushrooms waiting outside. It also features some exposed brick on some parts of the door frame. Available at Etsy for $12.00.


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