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Fairy Garden Gnomes to the Rescue!

Did you know that fairy gardens attract not only fairies? Our little gardens are also very attractive to gnomes, pixies, leprechauns, and other magical creatures that dwell in the woodlands or deep in the forests. Today, let’s explore the world of fairy garden gnomes and how to welcome them to the fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Gnomes

Like fairies, gnomes are magical creatures that dwell in nature. While they are often confused for elves, the two are actually very different. Gnomes most often appear wearing pointy hats and work boots and a belt to match. Gnomes, like elves, are quite the mischievous kind. However, they are believed to bring good luck. Here are some quaint little fairy garden gnomes that you can add to your collection!

Fairy Garden Gnomes to the Rescue!

1. BigMouth Inc. Gnomeland Security Garden Gnome

Put a humorous spin to your fairy garden accessories with this “Gnomeland Security” fairy garden gnome. He looks very stern and is dressed in complete uniform. You’ll marvel at the detail on this little fella, who even has handcuffs on him! He’s not without his bright red gnome hat, though. But don’t be fooled. Behind his shades and his latex gloves is a serious gnome who’s ready to defend his “gnomeland.” Stands 9 inches tall. Available at Amazon for $99.99.

2. GlitZGlam Happy Gnomes Camp (6 Piece Set)

Now this is one very chill set. This collection of fairy garden gnomes features four little gnomes relaxing in what you can call Camp Gnome! The Happy Gnomes, as these four are called, are setting up camp in the Enchanted Forest in Fairyland. They’re joined by Ben the Bear, who’s taking a quick nap. Two of the Happy Gnomes are playing a flute and a harp, while one is holding a Welcome sign. Available at Amazon for $24.95.

3. BigMouth Inc Couch Potato Garden Gnome

Here’s something to bring humor to your fairy garden. This couch potato garden gnome absolutely loves watching TV! He is done working for the day and has kicked off his work boots, which are now lying beside him. With a cool drink in hand and the remote control on the other, this couch potato garden gnome is seated on his favorite lazy boy, where he just finished a box of pizza (now laying on the floor). Gnome measures 9 inches tall. Available at Amazon for $17.99.

4. Mood Lab Miniature Gardening Gnomes Set of 4

Great for both indoors and outdoors, this set of 4 fairy garden gnomes are a quaint little addition to your garden. Featuring intricate detail on each gnome, this set features hardworking little gnomes in your garden. The watering gnome is armed with his trusty watering can, while the wheelbarrow gnome is lugging around a wheelbarrow in which you can place tiny succulents or fruits! The basket gnome also has a container in which you can place any small items. Lastly, you also get a flower bird bath. The four-piece set is available at Amazon for $19.90.

5. BigMouth Inc Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome Statue

“Game of Thrones” fans will love this tribute to the show. A menacing little gnome is seated at the Iron Throne, armed with a shovel. He’s wearing a green suit with brown pants and some black boots. He also has a bright red pointy hat that matches his gloves. Beware those who arrive, as this nine-inch tall gnome might just intimidate. Available at Amazon for $19.99.

Fairy Garden Gnomes to the Rescue!

6. Solar Campfire Light Garden Gnomes

This pair of gnomes are truly best friends til the end! They are enjoying some marshmallows over a fire in this cool summer night. This pair of gnomes feature intricate detail, like the creases on the yellow and red pointy hats on their heads, their beards, their belts made of rope, and their little campfire. Each gnome is seated on a tree bark and mushroom, respectively. They are also surrounded by some flowers and greenery. This item also features a solar-powered campfire that lights up automatically at night. Get yours at Amazon for $36.99.

7. Collections Etc The Rolling Gnomes Garden Figurines (3 Piece)

At the end of a long work day, gnomes like to gather around over some good music by none other than The Rolling Gnomes! This three-piece set features a lead singer with his arms raised in a rock on sign, a guitarist with his red guitar that matches his red pointy hat, and a drummer with a mushroom drum set. Such an entertaining trio! These jean-clad rock stars are available at Amazon for $19.99.

8. Gnome Planter with Solar Spot Light

This handmade and painted little fellow is a cute addition to your fairy garden! He is riding a little truck that serves as a small planter, where you can place small succulents or miniature plants. His truck also features a solar-powered light that automatically lights up at night! What a pleasant little surprise! Get this at Amazon for $18.99.

9. Ivy Home Garden Gnome Decorations Outdoor Statues, Spirit Carried a Squirrel

Gnomes are good friends with animals, as they are the caretakers of the woodlands wildlife. This little gnome is accompanied by his squirrel friend, who likes to perch on the gnome’s arms in the afternoons. Such a sweet addition to your fairy garden. Get this at Amazon for $19.99.

10. Gifts & Decor Slumbering Gnome Garden Statue

After a long day working hard in the garden, gnomes like to take a little nap. This delightful garden gnome has such intricate detail that you’ll discover something new every time you look at him! Bring a touch of whimsy to your fairy garden with this slumbering little gnome made of polyresin. Available at Amazon for $15.00.

10. Ivy Home Outdoor Decorative Garden Statue, Gnome Carried Stones

Gnomes work hard in the garden every day, just like this little fellow who’s bringing along some stones. Each stone is engraved with an inspirational word, including “Relax,” “Breathe,” “Balance,” and “Peace.” Let your fairy garden be a place of relaxation and peace with this quaint little hand painted gnome. Available at Amazon for $21.99.

These fairy garden gnomes are all here to save the day! Before you go, please do check out our story on the Fairy Garden Ball, if you haven’t yet! Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for daily fairy garden inspiration.

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