Weekend Shopping: Summer-themed Fairy Garden Accessories Below $25

Summertime is a perfect time for garden exploration and for your fairy friends, they begin their daily adventure as soon as the sun comes up. With these summer-themed fairy garden accessories, you can recreate the magic right in your backyard. Fairies enjoy summer the most because it’s when the weather is perfect for going out on an adventure and discovering new friends in the form of woodland creatures. These woodland creatures can come in the form of hedgehogs, rabbits, squirrels, and the like. Fairies are also drawn to reindeer, wolves, and other majestic creatures that roam the forest.


Magical Summer-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories for You

Summer days are often filled with outdoor play and a whole lot of fun. This curated list of summer-themed fairy garden accessories will help you create an amazing, active summer setting for your fairy garden friends.

Summer-themed Fairy Garden Accessories Below $25

  1. Fairy With Her Sweet Pink Bike

Fairies don’t always travel by flying. They also enjoy taking their bikes down the lake for picnics and small gatherings. This lovely fairy from Teelie’s Fairy Garden is happily sitting on a stump, holding a pink butterfly. Beside her rests a pink fairy bike with white spokes and a flower-adorned basket. You’ll also get a pink pumpkin, three ink flowers, two ceramic pink flowers, and two pink and white polka dotted mushroom for a complete scene. Available at Etsy for $16.06.

  1. Blue Fairy Merry-Go-Round-Fairy

Summer is also the season of outdoor play. Fairies love to play with their woodland friends outdoors, which is why this merry-go-round is such a perfect addition to your fairy garden. Your fairy friends will enjoy this playground, which includes the merry-go-round, a pair of blue and white mushrooms, a blue flower stepping stone and flower on a stick, a pair of dark blue flowers, three small blue flowers, and fairy woodland friends turtle, bunny, mouse, hedgehog. This entire set costs $10.11 and is available on Etsy.

  1. Miniature Yellow Slide and Fairy Playground

This brightly colored yellow slide is perfect for your summer-themed fairy garden. Worry not about the paint fading, as this is painted with exterior paint that will endure the weather. Available at Etsy for $4.25.

  1. Swing for Fairy Garden

Create a colorful playground with this miniature swing for your fairy garden. It’s painted in a whimsical blue and green color with paint that will endure weather. It also features some leaves that crawl along the swing. Get this on Etsy for $5.95.

  1. Fairy Garden Playground Monkey Bars

Fairies are like children, they also love playgrounds and having fun outdoors. This set of monkey bars is a great addition to your summer-themed fairy garden with its sleek painted finish. It also includes a fairy with bees on her dress. Available at Etsy for $11.45.

  1. Miniature Lemonade Pitcher and Glasses

After an afternoon playing in the garden, fairies also need a refreshing drink. This dainty set of lemonade pitcher and glasses will surely give them a boost of energy. Get this 3-piece set at My Tiny Purple Garden’s Etsy shop for $10.99.

  1. Fairy Garden Lunch

Summer afternoons are best spent outdoors and that includes having a meal! Your fairy friends will enjoy a feast of sandwiches and fruit with this delightful set. This lunch set includes a pair of sandwiches, one whole orange and one slice, a pair of Evian water, a pair of orange frosted cupcakes, one bunch of green grapes, two white flower shaped plates, one green transparent tray, one square plate, and one white and green printed table cloth. This set has a price tag of $10.39 on Etsy.

  1. Miniature Red Retro Table and Chairs

Let your fairy friends rest upon this adorable patio set that’s perfectly colored for the season. This 3-piece set is made of metal and has a retro look to it. Make this a favorite addition to your fairy garden for summer and the the seasons to come. Available at Etsy for $9.49.

  1. Miniature Baseball Bat, Glove, and Ball

Summer is also a great time to get active. Your fairy garden friends will love playing baseball in the mornings and afternoons. The baseball bat is carefully crafted with wood, while the mitt and ball are made of resin. This 3-piece set is available on Etsy for $3.95.

  1. Basketball Fairy Girl in Overalls

This sporty fairy is ready for her day outdoors this summer. She’s holding her basketball and calling out to her fairy friends, who will soon meet her to play ball. She’s got her favorite overalls on and it is decorated with cute flowers. Get this on Etsy for $8.50.


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