Summer Backyard Party Fairy Garden Accessories

The hot days are perfect for a summer backyard party. As the sun shines down in the afternoon, the flowers and plants in your fairy garden are basked in golden light that give off a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is the best time to host a summer backyard party with your family and friends, as well as your tiny fairy friends. But for your fairy friends to truly enjoy the essence of a summer backyard party, they too need fairy garden accessories to host their own party.


Fairy Garden Accessories for a Super Fun Summer Backyard Party

Summer is all about jumping into pools or lounging outside with a cool drink. It’s also the best time for barbecuing and gathering outside for some delectable sausages or deli sandwiches for picnics. Here, we have your summer backyard party essentials in the form of fairy garden accessories that your fairy friends will truly enjoy playing with this summer.

Summer Backyard Party Fairy Garden Accessories


  1. Miniature flip flop beach fence for summer fairy garden

Summer is the time to let your fairy friends kick back their traditional shoes and lounge around in some comfortable flip flops. While they go about swimming or lounging, they can hang up their flip-flops and towels on this cute faux wood picket fence. Get this on Etsy for $6.99.

  1. Fairy Garden Adirondack chairs and table with miniature checkers and beer

Your male fairy friends will truly enjoy lounging on these Adirondack chairs that are created with bottle holders. In fact, they already come with a miniature can of Corona beer. Even more interesting is the table with some checkers. Who’s up for a game? This set is available at Etsy for $24.50.

  1. Mini picnic table with umbrella

Backyard barbecues are best spent under a cute picnic table complete with an umbrella to keep your fairy friends cool under the sun. This adorable piece is made of metal to ensure durability. It features a cool blue color that goes well with the season. Get this on Etsy for $6.95.

  1. Fairy garden sandwiches with Pepsi

Table for two? Let your fairy friends have a great lunch or dinner with this pair of sandwiches served in a dainty plate paired with two cans of Pepsi Cola. Perfect to beat the summer heat! Available at Etsy for $7.77.

  1. Miniature garden grills for fairy garden (set of 2)

This quaint little pair of garden grills will be perfect for your fairy friends who love to cook. After all, what’s summer without a cookout? Let them work their culinary magic into some sausages, burgers, and steaks for a great outdoor dinner. Both grills are made of metal. Get this on Etsy for $15.39.

Summer Backyard Party Fairy Garden Accessories


  1. Fairy garden swimming pool scene

This super cool fairy garden swimming scene has everything your fairy garden friends can ask for in a backyard party! It includes a pool with a fun slide, a beach ball, a rubber ducky, some palm trees, a sign that says “The pool is my happy place,” and a fairy that’s just about ready to have a dip. This awesome fairy garden scene comes with a $45.00 price tag on Etsy.

  1. Miniature beach sun lounger and towel

After a dip in the pool, let your fairy friends relax under the sun with these cute beach sun loungers. These cute metal-made come in blue, yellow, white, and green, and can also come with a towel. Available at Etsy starting at $6.85.

  1. Miniature soccer net and ball

Summer parties and gatherings won’t be complete without some fun sports to play. This miniature soccer net and ball will keep your fairy friends busy throughout the afternoon. This is excellently made using metal and resin. Get this for your sporty fairy friends for $15.99 on Etsy.

  1. Cooler and picnic basket

After an afternoon of sports and swimming, your fairy friends will want to recharge with a cool drink and some snacks. Make sure you have this delightful picnic basket filled with goodies (and some honey for tasty fruit sandwiches), as well as this cooler that’s filled with some sweet soda. Keep your fairies refreshed throughout the party with this set, available at Etsy for $11.99.

  1. Miniature tire swing with tree stand

When one thinks of summer, we think of days out in the backyard, hanging from tire swings and jumping off into a lake. Recreate those memories with your fairy friends through this quaint tire swing and tree stand, where fairies can freely swing and play. Get this on Etsy for $12.99.


For a perfect summer, invest in fairy garden accessories that evoke the memories of summer days from your youth. Not so sure how to begin creating a fairy garden? Fret not, as we have a simple guide on how to start.

Fairy Garden Basics: How to Start Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Basics: How to Start Your Own Fairy Garden


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