Creative Fairy Garden Planters You’ll Want to Have For Your Own

Creating fairy gardens using containers often begin with, of course, selecting a container. It can come in the form of a metal basin or stone planter. But others are opting for creative fairy garden planters that add to the whimsical feeling of such a tiny little world within a small container. Today, let’s explore those creative fairy garden planters that you’ll want to have for your own and get inspired to either make it yourself or find something similar.

Creative Fairy Garden Planter
Creative Fairy Garden Planter
  1. Fairy Garden Arbor Planter

Imagine an inviting fairy garden where fairies are free to lounge and roam around peacefully. This cute little arbor planter features two benches where fairies can sit and read their favorite books or just enjoy the quiet buzz of nature in your fairy garden! Made of resin.

  1. Watering Can Miniature Fairy Garden

Upcycling old materials from your home is a great way to minimize waste and get creative with your fairy garden. This old watering can has a vintage look and feel to it thanks to its weathered appearance. It’s also large enough to house a small fairy garden. If you are looking to make your own, ensure that there are holes at the bottom of the can to enable efficient water draining. Some plants and succulents thrive better in well-drained soil.

  1. Miniature Stone Abode Fairy Garden House Plant Container

Don’t you just love it when things serve two purposes all at once? This charming little planter is also a stone abode for your fairy friends! It has an inviting little door and two windows. If you look close enough, you’ll even see a watering can sitting on the ledge of the front window! How truly whimsical!

  1. Fairy Hatch Portal Miniature Garden Rustic Planter

What could possibly be on the other side of that fairy hatch portal? An enchanting world, for sure! This creative little planter features a hatch door that opens and closes for your fairy friends to pass through onto a shimmering little staircase. There’s fairy dust all over it, so be careful when taking a peek inside. The fairies might not want you snooping around their little doorway!

  1. Stone Cottage Fairy Garden Planter with Roof
    These “living roofs” or “green roofs” are a great way to add personality to any fairy garden. With it, you can plant succulents or other miniature plants that crawl and grow into thick bushes. It’s a welcoming treat for fairies who like to playfully spend their time in lush greenery. When they’re tired, they can just head indoors into the little cottage to rest!
Creative Fairy Garden Planters
Creative Fairy Garden Planter
  1. Miniature Teapot Fairy Garden Planter

This adorable little teapot planter looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale! Its whimsical, weathered look comes with a dainty wooden door, some wooden windows and a staircase for your little fairies. The planter also features some stone-like designs on its exterior. What’s even more exciting is that the teapot lights up at night using a solar-powered light. Such an inviting sight for your little fairy friends!

  1. Forest String Light Fairy Garden Tree House Planter

This tree house planter is very imaginative, with five differently sized pots in various levels of the tree stump. It is great for succulents and other fairy garden plants. Fairies will love to climb up and down this tree house and explore the many plants you can place in it. The best part? It has a solar powered light to attract fairies to come home every night.

  1. Love Birds & Nest Flower Pot

Carefully crafted and artfully made, this adorable love birds and nest flower pot is charming and definitely cute! Fairies will love dropping by this home of two lovebirds, who are expecting their eggs to hatch anytime soon. They’ve even asked the fairies to be the godparents of their tiny babies! Use this pot to add personality to your garden and plant some succulents or tiny plants in them.

  1. Galvanized Rustic Pail Planter

To add a rustic touch to your fairy garden, you can use an old galvanized pail. Its weathered exterior will make it look very vintage and chic. It brings to mind days in the countryside or farmhouse, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Perfect for fairies!

  1. Ruler Box Miniature Fairy Garden

Check out this rustic little antique-looking wooden box that you can turn into a pocket of sunshine for your fairies. Great for garden-lovers who like to change things up once in awhile. All you need to do is pick it up and move it elsewhere!

For more creative fairy garden planters, don’t forget to check out the link below. In the meantime, bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for daily inspiration on all things fairy garden!


Creative Planters for Fairy Garden

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