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Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes

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Our homes are extensions of ourselves. We decorate, design, and make sure that it reflects our personality. The same goes for little fairy garden homes, which are tiny houses built and designed by fairies. Oftentimes, these fairy garden houses attract fairies with their intricate details and unique charm. Here are some of the most gorgeous fairy garden homes you can add to your little fairy garden.

Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes
Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes
  1. Fairy Garden House, Woodland Themed

This whimsical, woodland themed fairy garden house is delicately handmade with bark, moss, pine cones, and rocks. It is gorgeous and inviting for fairies who are looking for a real home. It’s perfect for woodland themed or enchanted forest themed fairy gardens.

  1. Miniature Sunflower Garden Shed for Fairies

For fairies who work hard in fields and yards, get them this miniature faux wood fairy gardens work shed that’s adorned with flower and leaf embellishments. There’s also tiny tools on the side that cannot be detached from the wall, but offer a delightful detail to this house. The door is designed to look like a metal door with a handle and intricate detail. A faucet also adorns the front side of the house.

  1. Fairy Garden House, Thatched Fairy Cottage

This lovely thatched cottage is made of a blend of materials that are charming and very forest-like. It features a barn door and shutters and charms for handles. Flowers and bushes grow all around it, much like they do deep in the forest. Such a cozy little space for your fairy friends!

  1. Fairy Garden House Medieval Village Townhouse

This gorgeous townhouse features a hinged swinging door for a magical experience! It is large enough to house several fairy friends with its comfy interiors. Outside, you can see that it is made of stone and has shutters for windows. It has partly exposed brick, providing gorgeous detail.

  1. Fairy House by Olive, Includes Fairy Bed and Fairy Painter’s Easel

Step inside this wondrous little space for your fairy friend. This enchanting fairy garden home features a fairy bed and fairy-sized easel! Such a comfortable little living space. The fairy bed features a Gerber Daisy Quilt, Hydrangea Branch Bed, Moss Stuffed Pillow. There’s also a small glass bottle for seed gathering or fairy dust and a seed harvester’s basket.

Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes
Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes
  1. Fairy House Snowdrop Cottage

Crafted with great detail and love, this gorgeous fairy house Snowdrop Cottage is designed with pebbles and stone. It features a delightful front door crafted from solid oak that has brass hinges to open and close it. Its windows are also made of solid oil oak and its roof is sloped and hand-tiled from Welsh slate. Perfectly crafted for your little fairy friends!

  1. Meadowbrook House Fairy Cottage

Crafted from resin with great detail, this Meadowbrook House features a hinged door that you can open and close. It has stucco and stone walls, a thatched roof, a chimney, and exposed brick. It is hollow, allowing for a tea light inside.

  1. Fairy Cottage by Olive, Fairy House with Accessories

A whimsical home for fairies, this cottage comes with rustic little accessories such as a crate that doubles as a plant holder, a watering can, a birdhouse, some tree trunk chips, and more. The fairy house features a gorgeous wreath on its door, which is hinged, and moss and plants on its roof that is made of branches.

  1. Fairy House, Woodlands Cottage

A charming little woodlands cottage will attract fairies to your garden. This one is delightfully handcrafted using natural materials. It’s an inviting space that features delightful flowers that bloom, a lovely lantern at the entrance, and two acorn toadstools! It also features a log pile at the side of the house for when the weather gets cold.

  1. Fairy Cottage Ladybug House

Deep in the woodland forest, you’ll come across a small clearing and at the center of it is this beautiful Fairy Cottage Ladybug House. It has a stucco effect front, cobblestone accents, window boxes with painted ladybugs, and shutters with accents of yellow flowers. This homey cottage also features a three panel door framed with a detachable patio with twisted vine pergola. It’s a very unique fairy home for your tiny friends.


Such fairy garden homes can help attract fairies, who will bring more joy, luck, and love in your life. By providing them a house to dwell in, you are also opening up your home and your life to the blessings they bring. For more fairy garden accessories to keep fairies happy in your garden, check out the link below.

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