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The weekend has finally arrived and we at Teelie’s Fairy Garden have a few more awesome ideas for your fairy garden. We’re sure that your weekend will be filled with loads of fun with kids, family, and friends, so we’re sending you off with some fairy garden ideas that you might want to use. Today, let’s explore fairy garden babies, those newborn fairy children that add a touch of innocence and whimsy to your fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Babies
Fairy Garden Babies
  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby in Orange Pumpkin

Perfect for the Fall season, this fairy garden baby is tucked in an orange pumpkin and is sleeping ever so soundly! Be careful when walking around as not to wake this sleeping angel, who is very comfortably taking a nap in a freshly picked pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby With Little Frogs

As this little fairy baby sleeps, two magnificent frogs watch over her. She’s gently sucking her thumb as all babies do and her slumber on a leaf is uninterrupted thanks to the wondrous sounds of the woodland forest. In her sleep, she dreams of fairies in magical lands and fairy dust.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby With Kitten

Another Fall season fairy garden accessory is this adorable little fairy baby, who’s fast asleep on a browned leaf. He’s comfortable curled up with his guardian kitten, who is also taking a quiet nap. The sleeping child is adorned with a cute leaf bonnet that matches his tiny green wings!

  1. Miniature Woodland Baby Fairy in Mouse Costume

Baby in a boot! These charming little tykes are dressed in an adorable mouse costume and are taking a nap inside a pair of boots! These two are actually twins born to a fairy couple who live deep in the forest. They are watched over by woodland creatures who make sure they stay safe as they sleep.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby with Butterfly

This is a must-have for every Fall-themed fairy garden. This little baby is sleeping underneath a brown fallen leaf and is joined by his guardians, the butterfly and the ladybug. As she sleeps, the butterfly and the ladybug take turns watching over her and singing some lullabies.

Fairy Garden Babies
Fairy Garden Babies
  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby in Green Gourd

Here’s another perfect Fall-themed fairy garden accessory that you can add to your collection. This fairy baby is sleeping inside a green gourd. He’s fast asleep while his fairy parents are off in the pumpkin patch, collecting the Fall harvest. He has been lulled to sleep by the quietness and gentle bustle of the woodland forest.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby with Baby Rabbit

Carefully crafted with intricate detail, this baby fairy has fallen asleep on a wrinkled brown leaf. He’s joined by a little bunny, who makes sure his sleep is uninterrupted by anything or anyone. This child is also protected from the cold with his stylish leaf bonnet, which match his dainty little wings.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby with Hedgehogs

As the leaves turn from green to brown, this fairy baby sleeps on one of the fallen leaves. As she sleeps, her guardian hedgehogs sing her a lullaby and make sure she is guarded against anyone who might want to interrupt her slumber or take her away from the fairy kingdom.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby Wrapped in Leaf With Dragonfly

A tiny dragonfly perches quietly on a leaf upon which this little baby fairy is sleeping. Her magical dreams take her to faraway lands, where tales of fairies and magnificent folk take place. Her guardian dragonfly is on site to make sure she stays safe from trolls and gnomes as she sleeps.

  1. Sleeping Fairy Baby with Puppy on Leaf

A dog is a man’s best friend just like dragons stay faithful to their fairies. But that doesn’t mean dogs can’t serve the same purpose for fairies. In fact, puppies are close to fairies, especially baby fairies. Here, you’ll find a puppy sleeping soundly next to a baby fairy, who he has promised to guard and protect. The two have fallen asleep listening to the quite bustle of the nearby magical forest.


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