Fairy Scoop: A Butterfly Themed Fairy Garden

What garden is complete without butterflies? The aroma of flowers and plants blooming and growing in the sunlight are often enough to lure butterflies into a garden. But did you know that butterflies have long been believed to hold their own mystic powers? In Roman and Japanese cultures, it is believed that butterflies are symbolic of the soul. This is why sometimes, when butterflies come to visit the garden or sit on a window sill, people believe that it is the soul of their loved one who has passed away, coming to visit them. To invite fairies and butterflies to your garden, all you need to do is plant flowers and add accessories that will truly attract them to visit. Let’s explore some ways you can create a butterfly-themed fairy garden.


A Butterfly Themed Fairy Garden

  1. Butterfly Gate, 2 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

Creep into the fairy garden and you’ll see this  magical butterfly gate on hinges that opens and closes when fairies want to pass by! It features two stone pillars on the sides of the gate, which is colored mauve and gray and made of resin. The butterfly wings feature intricate detail and serve as a gateway into the fairy garden.

  1. Wooden Fairy Sign: Butterfly Rides for Fairy Garden

Upon entering the fairy garden, you can opt to place this dainty little sign that reads “Butterfly Rides” with a pink little butterfly drawn on it. This hand-painted sign is great for miniature or container gardens as it will direct your fairies to a space where they can hop on and hitch a ride with their butterfly friends! It is made of wood and measures 2 inches long, and 0.5 inches high, with a post that measures 5 inches.

  1. Butterfly Chair, Orange for Fairy Garden

Thoroughly energizing, this vibrantly colored orange chair adds a whimsical flair to your airy garden. It is made of metal and is a gorgeous addition to any miniature garden. The seat is perfect for fairies who want to take a breather from working in the garden and relax! The carefully crafted seat has butterfly wings for its backrest and hind legs and has scrolled metal detailing. Perfect for Summer through Fall!

  1. Fairy Garden Butterfly Birdbath with Pick

This elegant miniature birdbath is truly charming! It is made of resin, delicately carved to look exactly like a real life birdbath with intricate detailing on its base and trunk. Even more delightful is the yellow butterfly perched on the edge, ready to take a sip of rainwater that has collected inside the birdbath. This item features a pick so you can sturdily set it in your fairy garden.

  1. Butterfly Fairy Garden House

Your little fairy friends will be beckoned by this classic butterfly fairy garden house made of wood and metal. This miniature features a door that opens and shuts for your little fairies to play in and around! You can place tiny plants, butterflies, and other accessories inside. It will look like a nice greenhouse from afar, too!

A Butterfly Themed Fairy Garden
A Butterfly Themed Fairy Garden
  1. Mini Watering Can for Fairy Garden

A little detail goes a long way! This mini watering can for your fairy garden features a butterfly accent. Fairies will love its unique distressed finish that makes it look like it’s worn and used by hardworking fairies in the garden! This item is a delightful addition to a fairy garden or miniature garden that has a lot of attention to detail.

  1. Fairy Door with Gold Butterflies and Flowers

A fairy garden won’t be complete without a fairy door. After all, this is the location of the portal to Fairy Land! Fairy doors are special accessories that have unique protective powers. It ensures that no evil spirits or forces can cross between Fairy Land and the real world. Fairies are often very secretive on how these fairy doors work, but we know that it is often used for the safety and protection of both humans and non-humans.

  1. Colorful Butterfly Picks, Set of 3 for Fairy Garden

Add a touch of bright color to your fairy garden with these ultra charming butterfly picks. It is made of metal and painted in delightful colors. Each butterfly has a set of curly antennae, giving them a cute personality. They are attached via a metal spring so they appear moving or hovering over your fairy garden when touched.

  1. Birdhouse with Pick for Miniature Fairy Garden

Every time you visit the fairy garden, it is a delight to discover little details you’ve never seen before. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this tiny birdhouse on a pick, which is great for baby birds! It has a flower and leaf, as well as a tiny purple butterfly sitting on the side of the birdhouse. So whimsical, so tiny, and so joyful!

  1. Fairy Holding Butterfly

Your butterfly themed fairy garden won’t be complete without a darling fairy holding a butterfly. This fairy is sweet and stylish with her green and yellow ombre dress. In her hands, she protectively holds a purple butterfly who she met in the garden.


A butterfly themed fairy garden will not only bring warmth and delight, it will also invite fairies to your garden. For more great ideas like this, make sure to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden and don’t forget to check out the link below!

Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes
Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes

Most Gorgeous Fairy Garden Homes


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