Discover Magical Autumn Miniatures for Your Fairy Garden

Discover Magical Autumn Miniatures for Your Fairy Garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We have another magical week planned for you. We’re going to be exploring some magical autumn miniatures which would look adorable in your fairy garden.

Fall miniatures
1. Enchanted Pumpkins
Brown Fall Pumpkins, Autumn, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Scene, Wooden Stem
2. Autumn Clothesline
Fairy Halloween Clothesline-Fairy Garden-Fairy Garden Kit-Miniatures-Dollhouse
3. Magical Halloween Tea
Adorable Halloween Fairy Tea For Two, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Fairy, Green, Dollhouse, Miniature Doughnuts, Teacups, Tray, Pumpkins
4. Black Cat Garden Scene
Black Cat Wearing A Hat With A Stack Of Orange Pumpkins And Mushroom, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Mini Garden, Halloween

Enchanted Pumpkins

Our Etsy store has many options available for enchanted pumpkins which would be a fun addition to your fairy garden. Pictured above are some brown pumpkins. In Fairy Land, anything is possible and that means that pumpkins come in many colors, not just the traditional orange.

Autumn Clothesline

There are also a number of Halloween miniatures available in our Etsy store. This one includes a Halloween clothesline and comes with a wooden round, pumpkins, a clothesline that has a shirt hanging on it, and fall leaves.

Magical Halloween Tea

We also have an adorable scene that features a magical Halloween tea in our Etsy store. We think that your fairy friends will love the chance to enjoy a hot beverage and some donuts with their friends. There are numerous items included with this listing including the fairy treats, teacups and saucers, tray, pumpkins, candy, jewels, and a friendly spider.

Black Cat Garden Scene

We also met an enchanted black cat who is included in a magical scene that can be found in our Etsy store. In addition to our feline friend, this listing includes the cat wearing a witch’s hat and holding a stack of pumpkins, autumn leaves, and some adorable toadstool mushrooms.

Fall miniatures
1. Clarence the Gnome
Clarence The Wood Chopping Fairy-Fairy Garden, Fairy, Gnome, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Kit, Gnome
2. Autumn Acorn Fairy
Miniature Acorn Cap Fairy Holding Tiny Acorn ~ Fall Harvest Fairy Garden Figurines ~ Thanksgiving Diorama & Dollhouse Accessories
3. Magical Pumpkin House
FiddleHead Fairy Pumpkin House - Pumpkin Cottage - Fairy Garden Supply - Autumn Fairy Garden Accessory - Fall Decoration – Autumnal
4. Fall Harvest Fairy
Miniature Orange Oak Leaf Fairy Holding Grain Bundle ~ Fall Harvest Fairy Garden Figurines ~ Thanksgiving Diorama & Dollhouse Accessories

Clarence the Gnome

Clarence the Gnome would also be a great addition to your fairy garden. He loves to chop wood so that he can help his friends have enough heating supplies for wintertime. The fall is also a nice time to bundle up in a sweater and sit outside in front of a campfire and roast marshmallows. Find Clarence in our Etsy store.

Autumn Acorn Fairy

We also met an adorable acorn fairy. She is dressed in a magical orange dress and her wings are shaped like autumn leaves. She has an acorn hat and is also holding a tiny acorn. Meet this magical fairy on Etsy.

Magical Pumpkin House

Some of the fairies love Halloween and the fall season so much that they live in pumpkin cottages. These adorable little fairy houses are shaped like a pumpkin and have some whimsical elements to them like their twisted stems. Find out more about these fairy homes on Etsy.

Fall Harvest Fairy

Another amazing fairy that we met is the fall harvest fairy. She is also wearing a beautiful orange dress and has leaf-shaped wings. She’s holding a bundle of grain in her arms. In her hair, she’s wearing an adorable crown that is accented with grapes. Find her on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We are so pleased that you could join us. We would love to hear about why you love autumn. Let us know by commenting below or on social media.

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