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Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re very excited about this week. On Monday, August 23rd at 4 PM PST, we’ll be holding a live launch on Facebook for the Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy’s Instant Fairy Garden. We’ll post the video on all of our social media pages after the launch.

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In celebration of the release of Felicia’s instant garden, we decided to look at some book décor for your fairy garden. You can either use these ideas to enhance your instant fairy garden or in a separate fairy garden. We want you to be creative and inspired when it comes to making your magical fairy creations. We hope you’ll share photos of your fairy gardens with us on social media.

FG Decor
1. Magical Book Setup
Miniature Stepladder Bookcase with Train, Books and Accessories for a Dollhouse in 1:12th Scale
2. Miniature Bedside Table Set
Miniature Pink Bedside Night Table with Lamp, Teddy Bear and Books for a Dollhouse in 1:12th Scale
3. Memories and Magic
KIT, Quarter Scale, Memory Trunk and Accessories Kit, 1/4 inch, 1:48, or quarter scale dollhouse mini BK002
4. Pets, Books and Treats
A set 8pcs Fairies Miniature, Chair + Table + Tea Pot + Cup + Dog + Book , Fairy Garden Supplies Succulent Terrarium DIY Accessories

Magical Book Setup

We found an adorable fairy garden or dollhouse scene on Etsy. It includes a miniature stepladder and bookcase with a train and several other magical accessories.

Miniature Bedside Table Set

Often, we read or are read to in our bedrooms. We found an adorable scene that features a miniature pink bedside night table with a lamp, a teddy bear, and books. Find this cute scene on Etsy.

Memories and Magic

We came across a little trunk that is filled with memories and magic on Etsy. It has books and magazines and a number of other mementos in it. What would your magical trunk have in it? Would you have the key to the lock? Or would you need to ask a fairy friend to use their fairy dust to open it for you?

Pets, Books, and Treats

Some magical fairies are planning a special celebration with their pet dog, some storybooks, a delicious cup of tea, and some tasty treats. Join the celebration on Etsy.

Fairy garden book decor
1. Songbirds Reading
Fairy Garden Miniature Little Bird Reading the Book, Miniature Gardening, Terrarium Accessories
2. Friends Reading Together
Miniature Little Frog and Mouse Reading Book , Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories, Mini Animals for Fairies and Terrariums
3. Squirrel Family Trip to the Library
Miniature Squirrels Mother and Son Holding Books , Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories, Mini Animals for Fairies and Terrariums
4. Fairy Reading
Sweet Fairy Reading a Book Sitting down MG276

Songbirds Reading

Birds love to sing. Their favorite books are music books and bird guides. They also enjoy fairy stories since fairies have the magical ability to fly through the skies with flocks of birds. Find some reading songbirds who might want to make their nest in your fairy garden on Etsy.

Friends Reading Together

There is something extremely special about friends reading together. We would like to introduce you to a frog and mouse who are reading together. They love to talk about what they read, and when they really enjoy something, they like to write a note to let the author know. If you like Teelie Turner’s books, please let her know by posting on Facebook, Goodreads, or Amazon. You can find the mouse and frog on Etsy.

Squirrel Family Trip to the Library

We met a squirrel and its mother. They were carrying books to the library so that they could exchange the books for some more summer reading. The young squirrel wanted to hear one of the stories one last time so that mother squirrel has the book in her hands, and they’ll stop for a break in the park near the library. Find these adorable squirrels and their books on Etsy.

Fairy Reading

The final magical reader that we want to introduce you to today is a fairy wearing a yellow dress with a crown of flowers in her hair. She loves the great outdoors and takes a book everywhere she goes. Learn more about her on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope to see you at our live event on Monday, August 23rd at 4 PM PST, so that we can celebrate the launch of Felicia’s magical instant fairy garden.

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