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Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be answering an extremely important question. Do fairies love you? Join us as we look at a checklist to determine if your fairy friends love you.

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They Use Your Fairy Door

One way to know if fairies love you is if they use your fairy door to enter your garden. After all, the fairies need to know that you are committed to caring about them too. A fairy door is a sign that you believe in fairies and their magical ways. See a beautiful grey fairy door with the word welcome on it, and some floral accents. This is a one-of-a-kind fairy door. The merchant also has other adorable models. See the grey door here.

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They Make Their Home With You

Fairies who love you will make their home with you. They might decide to live in your shed or to have their home in your garden. Some fairies bring their own homes with them using some magical fairy dust, but you can also get a house and prepare it for your fairy’s arrival. This mushroom cottage with solar light is absolutely incredible. Learn more here.

Scenic Nature Painted Rocks

Your Fairies Leave You Little Surprises

When you’re out for a walk and randomly come across little surprises that seem like they’re out of place, they might be gifts from your fairy friends. They don’t wrap up presents and place them on your doorstep, instead they hide them here and there and watch with excitement as you find them when you least expect it. Find some adorable painted rocks with nature scenes on them. This is the sort of gift that a fairy might leave you. Learn more here.

Metal fairy moon wind chime

They Make Music in Your Garden

If you hear singing and you don’t know where it is coming from, or perhaps the sound of whistling or an instrument playing often very softly, it’s your fairy friend sharing their musical talents and love with you. If you’d like to help your fairies with their musical endeavors, you can also put out a set of wind chimes. We love this metal fairy moon wind chime. The design is a perfect way to remind your fairy friends that you love them, and they will return the love. Find the adorable wind chime here.

Fairy Garden Statue – Darci Rae – Terrarium Supplies

You Feel a Random Hug

Do you ever feel like you are being hugged but there is no one around? That is because your fairy friends generally remain invisible even around fairy believers except during rare moments. Your fairies love to give you hugs to help you get a boost during your day. So, the next time you feel one of those magical, invisible hugs, you aren’t imagining the special connection that you’ve felt. You can find a miniature fairy hugging its pet lamb here.

Standing Fairy with Flower, Walking Fairy, Fairy with Flower, Fairy Garden Figure, Fairy Garden Accessory, The Fairy Garden by Jennifer

Your Flowers Bloom Extra Well

When flowers bloom extra well in your garden there’s a strong chance that your fairy friends had something to do with that. A little sprinkling of fairy dust can help your gardens flourish. Fairies also love to hide in flowers so if you see flowers that look like they’re smiling at you, it is likely because a fairy is there. Fairies also love to pick flowers and blow on the petals so if you see petals blowing around, your fairy might be sending wishes your way in the form of floral spells. You can meet a beautiful fairy named Jennifer. She is pictured above and is holding a flower. See her here.

Fairy With Butterfly

You See Lots of Butterflies

If you find yourself frequently surrounded by butterflies, it could be your fairy friends manifesting themselves and their love for you in a way that they feel is safe. So, the next time you see a butterfly, be sure to say hello to it. Your fairy friends will be happy to hear from you. Meet a fairy friend holding a butterfly here.

Tiny Squirrel Holding Books, Miniature Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories Animal Figurine

You Hear Magical Stories

Perhaps the wind is blowing, and you can hear a story far off, perhaps you think it is in your imagination. It is likely your fairies or your fairies’ pets reading in your garden. This tiny squirrel especially loves reading aloud and sharing the written word. You can meet this book reading squirrel here.

 Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope you’ve been able to check off all or most of the items on this list to learn if fairies love you. Everybody is deserving of the magic of fairy love as long as they can truly believe in fairies and Fairy Land.

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