Discover Magical Rainbow Themed Fairy Gardens

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Join us on a magical adventure as Teelie’s Fairy Garden goes out searching for magical rainbow-themed fairy gardens. We’ve been guaranteed that there are many to discover.

Here is a magical rainbow video for your enjoyment.


Amazing Rainbow Cake With All The Goodies and Orange Soda, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, Rainbow Cookies, Sprinkle Donuts, Lollipops

Teelie’s Fairy Garden Magical Rainbow Scene

This first magical scene comes from Teelie’s Fairy Garden and can be found here. Pictured above is a scene from Arcenciel the Rainbow Fairy’s instant fairy garden. Miniature accessories were added to the instant garden to add some dimension to it. The miniature items that we have to share with you are an amazing rainbow cake, orange soda, rainbow cookies, sprinkle donuts, and lollipops. These magical rainbow-colored items are bright and colorful, and we cannot help but smile as we look at them.

Amazing Winged Unicorns, Rainbow Unicorns, Turquoise Wings, Blonde Main, Pink, Golden Mane, White, Dollhouse, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Cute

Dual-Themed Fairy Garden

Teelie’s Fairy Garden has created a dual-themed fairy garden with the above scene which includes the rainbow fairy, colorful signs, and unicorns that have beautiful wings with a splash of color on them. You can find all the magical details here.

Rainbow fairy door or Gnome Door with red or rainbow window and garden accessories for your fairy garden. Size 6″ Long x 6.5″ Wide.

Enchanted Fairy Door

FairybehindtheDoor on Etsy shared their beautiful and bright fairy door with us. For fairies who especially love bright rainbow colors, any garden that has this door attached to it, could be an excellent option for a rest or maybe even a permanent home. Learn more here.

Lush and Colorful Fairy Garden

Rainbow Path Fairy Garden

Tamara Houk – Bee A HappiCrafter on Pinterest shared this lush and colorful fairy garden with us. We love the green succulent plants that are on either side of the rainbow path which leads to a magical fairy cottage. Complete details about this adorable scene can be found here.

DIY Birthstone Fairy and unicorn fairy garden Kit Glittered Fairy garden kit Fairyunicorn garden set Gift box of fairy garden accessories

Adorable Glittering Rainbow Fairy Garden

GiftCatchers on Etsy put together this adorable glittering rainbow fairy garden. It is available as a kit and also has unicorns included with it. This magical kit includes glittering gemstones, a fairy pet, a duck, ladybugs, an umbrella, and several other enchanting miniatures for your enjoyment. Learn more here.

You can also enjoy these magical miniatures for your own rainbow-themed fairy garden.

Tiny Adorable Rainbow Cupcakes, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Blue, Rainbows, Fairy Food, Blue Cupcakes, Fairy Food, Fairy Sweets

 A Beautiful Assortment of Rainbow Candy, Miniatures, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature Candies

5 Miniature Bright Colored Ladybugs, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Blue

Sweet Unicorns With An Amazing Unicorn Cake, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Pastel Unicorns, Cakes, Pink, Lavender, Pastel Candy

Adorable Cuddly Unicorns, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, White Unicorns, Miniature, Rainbow, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Sitting, Standing, Cute

1:12 Rainbow Ice Cream Waffle Cone Loaded With Goodies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Fairy Food, Rainbow Candy, Lemon Slice, Sprinkle

 Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope you enjoyed this magical rainbow adventure with us. Please come back and see us again soon for more beautiful accessories and fairy gardens.

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