Do You Believe in Magical Fairies?

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Do you believe in magical fairies? This week Teelie’s Fairy Garden is sharing some of the things that you can do to show your fairies how much you believe in them and remind them that you want them to be around you.

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You Plant Beautiful Flowers For Your Fairies

If you want fairies to live with you, you can help entice them by planting beautiful flowers. Garden fairies will choose a person’s garden and make it their lifelong home. Other fairies on missions might choose your garden for a brief rest as long as you give them everything they need and be sure that you continue to always believe in the magic of Fairy Land. We loved these mixed pansy seeds. Find them and other amazing flower options here.

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You Have a Fairy Door in Your Garden

Adding a fairy door to your fairy garden is an amazing and beautiful way to let fairies know that you’d like them to enter your garden. And it will also let them know that you’re a believer since humans who are nonbelievers would never go to the effort of adding an adorable fairy door. There are many options to choose from. We selected a cute brown door with a cat decoration on it. Find our pick here.

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You Create a Rest Area for Your Fairies

Creating a rest area for your fairies is a wonderful way to make sure that your fairies are comfortable and to entice them to your garden. There are many believers around the world, and it can be difficult for fairies to choose which garden to live in sometimes, so adding special accessories and décor can be a good way to let the fairies know how much you’d like them to live with you. We found a six-piece fairy set that includes miniature chairs, a table, and a cute tea set for two. Find this set here.

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You Put Out Miniature Sweets

Since fairies love sweets, you can put out some magical sweets for your adorable fairy guests. There are so many possibilities from cakes, squares, cookies, donuts, and the list goes on. We decided that since it is a warm day that our fairy friends might enjoy some miniature popsicles. We’ll hope that the fairies’ magical fairy dust can keep them from melting. Find your own fairy popsicles here.

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You Invite Your Fairy Friends to Bring their Pets

If you let your fairy friends know that pets are welcome in your garden, you’ll make the fairies very happy. It will help them know how much you love and believe in them because pets are an important part of the Fairy World. You can meet some adorable white bunny pets here. Did you know that in Fairy Land the fairy pets often help with the gardening too?

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You Have a Fairy House

Having a fairy house is a major advantage when it comes to showing fairies how much you care about them and believe in them. All fairies want to have a place to rest their heads at night. Be creative when it comes to choosing your fairy house, having one that you like and that can be magical and whimsical for your fairy friends is a must. We liked this miniature purple fairy house that is made from metal and is shaped like a teapot. It is unique, bright colored, and fun looking. Learn more about it here.

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You Give Your Fairies Activities to Do

If you provide your fairies with activities to do, then they will know that you went the extra mile to help them feel welcome in your garden. This is only something that true believers would do for a fairy. We love this miniature fairy swing which the Pink Fairy Queen is presently enjoying in the picture above. More information is available here.

Sweet fairy girl sitting restfully while reading a book, youthful fairy, fairy figurines, fairy garden supplies

You Keep Your Fairies Company

If you can keep your fairies company in the garden, they’ll greatly appreciate it. You don’t even have to be doing the same activities at the same time. Just being there and listening to the sounds of nature while you garden or read a book can make your fairies happy to have you around. Notice how this fairy girl, fairy boy, and dog are enjoying time in the garden. They hope you’ll join them. Meet them here.

 Thank you again for spending time with us. We hope that you’ll visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon for some more magical opportunities to be with the magical fairies who care so much about you.

Here is a magical video for you to enjoy.


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