Enchanted Eight: Fantastic Fairy Furniture

This week’s Enchanted Eight features some splendid fairy sets and furnishings that spreads a burst of color and fluttering brilliance onto any fairy garden. When fairies go out and play in the summer sunshine, they will want some lovely furnishings and features to the landscape, such as flowery playsets and pretty cottage homes. Fairies like a landscape that changes with the seasons, and as the seasons prepare to transform yet again, it’s time to add some lovely additions to the garden that will add some extra magic to the place that they call home.

Have a look at some of these brand new sets. Even just one of them will get you started a long way on a fairy garden of your own. For veteran fairy-keepers, you’ll be adding a whole new set of goodies for fairies to enjoy!

1. The Unicorn Garden

What could be lovelier than a summer day outdoors? Spending it with some shining unicorns. These unicorns are moving in for the season, and they’re bringing some cloudy goodies with them. Ebrything from the unicorn-adorned fences to a grand tower from which rainbows and stars pour out—it’s just the thing for unicorn lovers everywhere. They even come with a kindly fairy keeper who will look after them, and a fine fountain for them to drink out of. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Enchanted Eight Butterfly Table Set

For a summer tea party amidst the flowers, as the butterflies flit from blossom to blossom, this wood-hewn fairy table and chair set will be just the thing. It’s been carefully crafted by the fairy workmen, down to the carved butterfly-shaped backrests of the seats and the wooden butterfly embedded into the center of the table. Just imagine the wonderful tea parties that could be laid out on the table, and the happy memories the fairies will make on it! Get them at the Fairy Garden.

3. Fairy Mail has Arrived!

The Fairy Post is always reliable! Whether its sunshine or rain, sleet or snow, the fairy mail will still arrive thanks to some magical help for all the fairy postmen and messenger animals. But there’s nothing to worry about during the long summer days, as even the flowers will crawl up the post to make a few welcoming blooms. Messages from fairies from all over the world will come, bearing sunny tidings of their adventures in other fairy gardens. Get the mailbox at the Fairy Garden.

4. Cozy Naptime Set

When the day is warm and everyone is full of delicious sweets and tea from a fine fairy lunch, what else is left to do than to enjoy a nice fairy garden siesta? This set features a watchful little peacock resting upon a tree stump, and many little fairy creatures napping soundly on their respective hammocks, sleeping off their big meal. It’s the best time of the year for a cozy afternoon nap under the sun. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Wise Tree House

Even the ancient wise talking trees will find that fairies have decided that their branches would make the perfect home. In fact, what safer place could there be for them in the enchanted forest? Safe in the height of the wise old tree’s branches, with a built-in friend to chat with them, what fairy wouldn’t want to live in such a grand green abode? This is definitely a dream house for many fairies this summer. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

6. The Summer Gnome

Summer is in full swing even for the garden gnomes, who have earned a much deserved beach vacation. They’ve worked so hard to keep the flowers blooming and the grass green t the respective gardens that they look after that it’s high time they’ve gone off for a fine vacation. Here’s a splendid beachy vacation for our gnome friend: it’s got a little pineapple beach house, palm tree archways, a deck chair and even flipflops and a surf board. It’s time to have some old-fashioned fun! Get them at the Fairy Garden.

7. The Summer Cottage of Lilies

This splendid cottage is a romantic house straight out of the fairy books. It has a thatched roof with a little chimney peeking from the top; when smoke is spewing from it, you just know that the fairy within is boiling a delicious cup of tea. Since it’s still the summer, the lily vines that have crawled up over the house and onto the roof are still in full bloom. There’s a nice front door, and even a wide patio door for fairies to head in and out, perhaps to play around in a nice backyard. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Flowering Playground

This one isn’t part of the Enchanted Eight, but it’s certainly a welcome addition to all the other outdoor furnishings this summer! It’s a nice playground made of growing tree trunks and twigs, twined in blossoms and covered in leaves. The fairies definitely enjoy playing here, on a soft leaf that’s been made into a swing, a pretty bench that has simply been covered in roses, and even a little squirrel to play ball with. It’s a wonderful way to express the joys of summer! Get them at the Fairy Garden.

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