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Find a Fall Fairy Set to Match the Autumn Colors!

In what will feel like no time at all, the leaves will start to turn color, creating a huge palette of rosy, russet, and golden tones all across the enchanted forests that fairies know and love. Fall is slowly creeping into fairy gardens all over the world, transforming the forests in such a way that even the fall air will tingle in a secret magic that only those who are friends to the fairies will understand.

Charming new sets and features that highlight the enchanting harvest time and all the colors of fall have begun to appear all around the fairy world. This is the perfect time to prepare to transform the fairy garden in your own home as well. Prepare to cast a little bit of extra fairy magic and discover what fall fairy sets will bring its new crisp, pumpkin-spiced charm into your fairies’ favorite playground.

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1. A Bountiful Fall Fairy Farm Harvest

During harvest season the fairy farms become a buzzing beehive of activity. Fairies from beyond the farms head off to the fields to help the farmer fairies reap the bounties of nature. It’s time to stockpile food for the coming winter. This vegetable farm stand offers all the wonderful things that have been grown in the farm. On the green shelf stacked two levels high and bright boxes are some of the best vegetables from the fairy farm. Mushrooms, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, and so much more have been lovingly displayed by proud fairy farmers. There is even a beautiful nest of farm fresh eggs waiting! Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

2. The Fall Fairy’s Little Vegetable Harvest

The fairies had dutifully worked all year to gain this bounty. During the sunny days, the rainy ones, through spring, summer and now fall, they tended their fields and gardens to gain these wonderful bounties of nature. It’s not a surprise that this little fairy, with her own green wings starting to turn golden like the leaves of the trees, is happily showing off what she’s reaped. She has a charming box full or fresh vegetables, a pot of big mushrooms, and even her own pumpkin. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

3. The Fall Fairy’s Bundle of Wheat

Here is another proud farm fairy showing off her hard work! Her own wings had turned a much deeper shade of orange as she too prepares to change with the seasons. She’s happily showing off a bundle of golden wheat, ready to be taken to the mill and turned into flour for some fresh bread. Next to her are the pumpkins that she had harvested from her garden, a pair of sunflowers that will have marvelous seeds that she can dry, and a box full of wonderful fresh vegetables. There’s even  bright golden ear of corn ready to be cooked! Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

4. A Golden Harvest Cart Fall Fairy Set

There ar so many wonderful things to be had during fall’s harvest time that it’s going to need quite a large and grand cart in order to transport it all! This cart, golden in color and elaborately crafted, will wheel in the best of the produce to be sent to the royal kitchens for the king and queen. Only the best of the pumpkins, peppers, cabbages, carrots and more can be sent to the fairy kingdom’s royalty, and they come with beautiful potted flowers and plants in order to beautify the castle. They’ve sent a magical grey bunny to keep everything in order. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

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5. A Giant Candy Corn!

A good little fairy witch has something extra special to show off as everyone is presenting their fall harvest. She has made herself a gigantic piece of corn—a candy corn! It’s so large that it’s rising like a tree behind her little pallet table, and it’s encrusted in smaller candy corn. She is happily enjoying a cup of pumpkin spiced latte as she admires her handiwork, and is probably making some splendid plans for even more candies for the fall, just in time for Halloween. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

6. The Sleeping Pumpkin Baby

All this excitement has tuckered out this little fairy baby. He’s curled up, sleeping soundly on top of a big pumpkin. His little wings, still green and haven’t turned orange with the seasons yet, must have been very tired from fluttering around trying to figure out what was going on. A dutiful little pet fairy hedgehog is watching over him, making sure he is safe as he slumbers on the pumpkin, dreaming sweet dreams. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

7. The Good Gnome’s Autumn

The goodly garden gnomes that look after our yards and gardens have also kept busy. Now that the leaves are changing color, they will be expecting quite a bit of falling leaves. They have to work hard to clean the leaves away, gathering them up to turn them into compost for the trees. This gnome is carrying pails of water which will be much needed for the many gardening duties they have to take care of through the season. He does have help: animal friends follow him about to do some work as well. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.

8. A Delicious Fall Feast for Lunch

After all the work, the harvests, and the caretaking, why not sit down to a delicious lunch? On this beautiful table is a black and white checkered mat. There’s a splendid bunch of fall fruits waiting: pomegranates, late oranges, green apples and even a pumpkin. A big bottle of rosé is waiting, already poured into two glasses. The table is set for two, with delicious croissant sandwiches in each plate. There’s even a side of eggs and mushrooms. Better get to eating all of these soon, or the brown squirrel might do so for you! Get the set at the Fairy Garden Etsy.


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