Enchanted Eight: Around the Fairy Town

Enchanted Eight: Around the Fairy Town

This week’s Enchanted Eight is taking us on an exploration of a fairyland town. Like humans, fairies live in little villages, towns, and kingdoms! And like in any village, town, or kingdom, there are many different buildings to see. From the fanciest fairy mansions to the most charming little home, roads lined with pretty shops of all kinds; the fairy town is always bustling with activity and life. Every day, fairies are working hard and going around their business in town, so why not have a look at the wonderful new shops and homes that you could introduce to your own growing fairy town.

These splendid little kits are fun to build on your own, and are quite detailed so it really feels as though you’re building a small world for all the fairies in your garden to enjoy. Step into town and have a look at the different buildings that the fairies visit and explore every day.

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1. The Enchanted Eight Fairytale Cottage

This pretty cottage looks as though it were taken straight out of the illustrations of a splendid storybook. Its thatched and shingled roof fits well with its Tudor build. It’s quite grand, with three floors and arched windows, along with an awning over the door. It even has its own fenced in yard all around the house, with lovely little trees and grass. The best part is the egg-shaped hanging swing seat, where a fairy could curl up comfortably to read a book or just enjoy the sunny days. Get the pretty house at thehttps://www.teeliesfairygarden.com/product/rylai-3d-puzzles-miniature-dollhouse-diy-kit-w-light/ Fairy Garden.

2. The Fairy Town Coffee Shop

You might have noticed that fairies around the Fairy Garden enjoy their tea parties, cake, and coffee cups! Fairies are quite fond of the buzzy feeling from coffee; it’s almost like its own magic. This little coffee shop in the fairy town gets quite busy. It has a big, open space and plenty of seating outdoors so the fairies can sit down as they drink. There’s a good selection of drinks to enjoy as well as some pastries too. Everyone can check and see the specials on the little chalkboard out front as well. Get this lovely coffeeshop at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Chocolaterie of Fairy Dreams

Fairies are notorious for having a sweet tooth. They just love delicious sweets and candies! But of course, they absolutely adore some fresh, creamy chocolate. That’s why this chocolate store, owned by a famous fairy chocolatier, is so popular among the fairies in town. Not only is it full of delicious candy, but its specialty chocolate is absolutely magical. Chocolate, after all, has that special magic that gives you a wonderful, warm feeling inside, similar to the feeling of falling in love. The fairies love to try out the different varieties of chocolate here, and they can sit down right at the shop to eat them! Get the chocolate shop at Etsy.

4. The Fairy Flower and Garden Shop

This wide open shop looks as cozy as someone’s living room. It has an outdoor seat and a lovely rocking chair inside, and fairies visiting will have the company of a lovely Persian familiar cat. The house-like flower and garden shop has little cans full of fresh blossoms of different colors every day. The shelves are also stacked with little flower pots and little plants that will help a fairy get started on their own garden. Even if they’re not buying any flowers, the shop looks quite homey and seems like a nice place to visit. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

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1. The Fairy Greenhouse Shop

Just like the flower and garden shop before, this greenhouse is also a good place for gardener fairies to get plants. The greenhouse has more specialized plants, however: they’re not just pretty, but they’re magical too! Fairies who are fond of getting rare plants to add to spells and potions will often go here first to get plants that they can keep at home to grow their ingredients. And they all look quite wonderful behind the glass of this splendid greenhouse! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Blue Fairy Bakeshop

This may look like another greenhouse from the outside, but this splendid lacy blue structure is actually a patisserie and a bakeshop! Fairies can step inside its beautiful latticed doorway and find beautiful display cases full of cakes! The brightly-decorated treats will appeal to every fairy’s sweet tooth. This place is where the fairies get the delicious cakes and pastries that they love to enjoy with tea or coffee. They have the option to stay there and eat it at the comfy wicker chair outside, or take it home with them. Get the shop at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Tulip House

Fairies like to be creative and use various natural things to turn into their homes. This is one such home: it’s made from an upturned tulip flower and transformed into a cozy home for one. It glows with fairy magic from within, showing a pretty little bed and a desk. The home has its own picket fence and yard, with a pebbled pathway. Its flanked by flowering trees, and even has its own little outdoor table made from a tree stump. It’s protected from the elements by a big safety dome! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Fairy Bookstore

Finally, to round off the Enchanted Eight, we have a little bookstore. It’s a cozy little shop, but it’s filled to the brim with all sorts of books! It has magical spellbooks for fairies looking to study magic, gardening books for the groundskeeper fairies, and even cookbooks for the fairies fond of making their own treats. It even has a stand for little magazines, periodicals, and little paintings as well. If they choose, they can sit inside at the cozy sofas, or take the books home with them. Get this bookshop at Amazon.

Don’t forget, more fairy homes can be found in the Fairy Garden Amazon store! It would be nice to populate a little fairy town with these and all the other lovely homes that can be found there. Soon, it’ll be a bustling little fairy town in your garden!

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