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Bookworms: Fairies and Creatures That Love Reading!

Fairies and Creatures That Love Reading

It’s almost the season to head back to school, and even the fairies are having a good time getting some summer reading put away before that happens! Even the fairy world has its share of bookworms who just love to read. They’re all fairies and other magical creatures who you’ll always find reading or has their nose in a book. Can you blame them, with so many fascinating stories and things to learn out of the books and scrolls of the fairy world? Their magic and knowledge grows with every page that they read, and they’ll be happy to share that magic with you should you want to sit down and read with them at the fairy garden!

Meet these wonderful bookworms and see what books have them so captivated.

1. The Purple-winged Fairy Bookworm

Fairies like this lovely, purple-winged beauty are often found tucked away in their own little corners, whether it’s a favorite spot in the fairy garden like a gazebo, or simply under a shady branch. This fairy in particular loves books and loves to read all about fairies of times of old, when everyone went on such magical epic adventures that it takes book after book to tell their stories! Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

2. Reading Together is Better!

This fairy is sitting atop a stack of books, already claiming them before all the other bookworm fairies do! She has quite a few books that she had found at the library that she absolutely cannot miss out on reading; she’s just so fascinated by tales of fairies and adventures, and hopes to go on her own one day. With her friendly little owl and pet frog, they might just manage to embark on their own adventures. Meet her at Amazon.

3. The Reading Fairy and Her Dragon

This fairy has similar aspirations. Not even the great big books of fairy adventures can stop her—she’ll lay right on top of the page and read her day away with the companionship of her trusty dragon. She’s wild at heart and loves the thrill of adventures far beyond her own forest. Perhaps one day she’ll join another group of fairies seeking their own epic adventures, and perhaps their own stories will be told in the books that she loves to read. Meet her at Amazon.

4. The Reading Gnome

Even old gnomes love to read. These trusty keepers of gardens and lawns like to know the best ways on how to make flowers keep blooming for as long as possible, and how to make trees grow bigger and leafier than ever before. This gnome, small enough to sit atop a pebble, is quietly studying with the help of his trusty owl, and enjoying some quiet time discovering some new magic for himself. Meet him at Amazon.

5. The Book-Loving Mermaid

We already know of a mermaid from the stories who loved to read books, and this one is no different. There’s just something fascinating about the world above the water. Their fairy friends sure seem to love it up there, so why not read more about it? She is happily reading a book that one of the fairies had brought her, and she’s thoroughly enjoying it. She wonders if she couldn’t swim upstream somewhere for a visit and see what it’s like away from saltwater. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

6. The Precocious Pixie

Pixies tend to be mischievous and make trouble of their own, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love some quiet reading time as well. How else is a pixie to learn about new magic to make some clever new pranks? This pixie is reading a book of jokes written by other pixies. Perhaps he thinks that if he can make you laugh, he’ll be able to distract you enough to pull a prank! Meet him in the Fairy Garden.

7. The Library’s Dragon

Dragons, who have lifespans as long as fairies, are some of the wisest magical creatures on earth. They love to help the fairies when they can as well, and they learn from each other. One such benefit is that they get to share and swap books. This dragon, who happens to be quite fond of the library, is reading about other dragons as well. She wonders what dragons in other places are like, and if she shouldn’t fly over and see for herself. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Cozy Little Hedgehog

It’s such a wonderful thing to find a quiet nook where you can be alone and unbothered, reading about something that really fascinates you. This little hedgehog has managed just that: he’s tucked himself under a nice little mushroom to shield him from the sun or the rain, and he’s happily reading about all the other animals that fairies love to look after. He could sit there and read for hours, enjoying the quiet time. Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

9. The Curious Frog

This fairy frog is reading something very important: he’s trying to figure out if he’s really a magical fairy prince and doesn’t remember! After all, this story in the book is all about how a prince had been turned into a frog because of magic. Could he be one too? Should he and his turtle friend start looking for a princess to find out? He has to make sure, and maybe that’s why he’s so engrossed with his little book! Meet them both at the Fairy Garden.

10. The Tiniest Book Bunny

Fairy animals can be quite tiny, and this little bunny is no different. He is no less magical than any of the other fairy pets, even though he appears to be the size of a thimble. He tries to be helpful anyway, running around the fairy library, gathering up the tiniest of books that even other fairies might overlook. He thinks his smallness is its own magic: he gets to read all the tiny books for himself, and he gets to read them out loud to the fairies too, since they’re too small for them to read! Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

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