Fantasy Forest Fairy Homes and Cottages

Fantasy Forest Fairy Homes and Cottages

Out in the enchanted forests full of hidden secrets and woodland magic, many fairies have lived unseen for generations. What may seem like fireflies flitting around forests in the warmer days of summer may be the light of fairies as they make their way into their hidden homes throughout the forest! It won’t be easy to spot the forest fairy homes; not only are they tiny, but the fairies have made it so that they blend into the woods perfectly. You’ll need a quick eye and a love of magic to sense the tingling in the air when a fairy or their home is nearby!

Let’s take a walk through the magical woods, peering under the leaves and bushes, and try to find out how the little fairies of the wood have made their homes. There will be more than a few that would surely love to bring those homes to a fairy garden where they can live peacefully too!

1. The Forest Fairy Home in a Log

Walking through the woods, you wouldn’t at all think anything was amiss with this little piece of log that may be half hidden under the leaves or under the shelter of a great willow tree. But this little log is home to a forest fairy! It’s cleverly hidden with all the other bits of wood in the forest floor. Perhaps its home to a fairy workman—he will need plenty of space to do his work inside, hence why it’s so long and sturdy. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Fairy Tree House

Look up above you—in the canopy of trees, hidden in the patches where the sunlight filters through the leaves, is another fairy home. Hidden in the trees, it’s visited frequently by birds who will sit at the nearby branches and sing the fairies a wake-up song. Fairies that live here are often messengers, traveling from tree to tree and bringing good news to other fairies all around the forest. Get the tree at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Little Shoot

Sometimes, among the grass and leaves on the forest floor, you’ll see little shoots pushing up from the ground. These are little trees that are still on their way to becoming the tall pillars that the forest is made of. Among these shoots, there’s another little fairy home hiding in plain sight. It’s a simple single-level cottage for a kindly fairy to live in. As caretakers of the forest, the fairy needs to stay close to the trees—so why not live inside one that is still growing? Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Spooky Tree Shack

Appearances can be deceiving; anyone who has heard about fairies in the stories would know. Sometimes, fairies like to test us on our kindness or our courage, to see how we use our hearts. This little home might seem spooky, and you might be afraid to come visit such a dark little shack, but if you leave a fairy gift there, as we do with any other fairy home, you might find that you’re rewarded much more greatly here! Get the home at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Mushroom Cottage

The great thing about forest mushrooms is that they can be very easily converted into homes for fairies. Their wide tops are a fine roof, and their stout stalks make cozy homes. This large mushroom is quite the spacious abode for a fairy, protecting them from the elements no matter the season. There’s even a little chimney on top to keep them warm in the winter—and the whole home starts smelling of mushroom soup! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

1. The Blue Daisy House

Fairies simply adore flowers. Why else would they be so fond of fairy gardens? The fairy who lives in this forest home is particularly fond of blue blossoms, and she’s covered her entire roof with them. Nestled amidst the other patches of flowers in the forest, you might overlook it, but the fragrance of this fairy home is simply too magical to be overlooked! See it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Enchanted Fairy Beehive

Now this is one sweet little home! It might look like another wild beehive in the forest, but this wonderful fairy home is fit only for the most industrious of fairies, always as busy as the bees. Their reward for working so hard? All the honey they could want! The friendly honeybees that live with the fairies inside this house would be more than glad to share their honey with a fairy that helps their flowers grow! See it at Amazon.

3. The Marshy Home

Near the wetter areas of the forest, perhaps in a marshy place or the edge of a swamp, this little fairy home is nestled, hidden amidst the driftwood. It takes quite a special fairy to live here; swamps and marshes are often rife with deep, ancient magic. Perhaps the fairy that lives here has mastered the art of controlling this magic, and a friend to the frogs and snakes that live around it. Get the home at Amazon.

4. The Home Beneath the Roots

It’s not just above trees that fairies make their home in; they might live beneath them too! This rather large fairy home was created amidst the roots of the trees. Beneath the stones and the rich, warm earth of the forest, the fairy will live very safely, away from any peering eyes or predators. She can live happily amidst the mushrooms and carry on her task with keeping the trees healthy. Get the home at Amazon.

5. The Acorn House

Finally, the ever-creative fairies have found ways of making even nuts and fruits from the trees as their home. What appears to be another acorn in the forest is actually a nice fairy house for a fairy living by himself. It may seem small, but as acorns are strong, it’s very sturdy! Should the fairy also desire it, the acorn might just be allowed to germinate and grow into an oak through magic. That will be quite a treehouse for the fairy to eventually live in! Get the house at Amazon.

Not enough fairy homes for you to see and explore? Head over to the Fairy Garden’s Amazon Store. There are numerous splendid fairy homes and cottages just waiting for you. Bring home another beautiful home for the fairies in your garden to live in!

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